MP3DirectCut: Cut MP3s – Snip-snap

It is not uncommon that you want once, edit an MP3 cut or shorten to extract only a certain part of a song or an audio recording. In return, a number of programs recommended. Here you will find our guide to MP3s cut with MP3DirectCut.

MP3DirectCut: Cut MP3s - Snip-snap

The free audio editor MP3DirectCut shows the selected audio track of an MP3 file, whether song or other audio file in waveform. It can be seen with just a glance where, for example, breaks, heights or depths are and where they offer cuts.

2311Cut with mp3DirectCut MP3s

mp3DirectCut: cut MP3s &# 8211; Remove breaks or advertising

You are not a professional in the field of audio editing, but want to remove only annoying commercial breaks from radio broadcasts or cut holes in MP3s, then MP3DirectCut empiehlt: Simple, easy to use and free. We show you how &# 8211; Snip-snap &# 8211; to handle it:

  • 1. Open the to be cut MP3 file
  • 2. Zooms about +/- the numeric keypad zoom
  • 3. Find the unpleasant position in the wave representation of the audio track
  • 4. Set a Start and an end point around the area to be cut
  • 5. The light blue section with a click cut awaymp3DirectCut mp3 schneiden_01-Winload
Have you cut the wrong section of the MP3, you can do this either undone on the Undo button, or restore the cut part of the menu list. Once you save time, the cut-out portion, however, is gone.Therefore, it is advisable to secure edited MP3s always as a new file.

In addition, be noted that when MP3s cut with MP3DirectCut Cutting points (Cue) and cut (cut) should be distinguished. Cues share the file if you "carve up" for example, a longer recording will, delete sections of whole passages completely from taking out (advertising, etc.).

mp3DirectCut: cut MP3s into pieces

Do you want to cut only an MP3 file into several pieces, you have obviously different steps:

  • 1. Navigate to the desired location
  • 2. Selects by right-clicking on the appropriate place Cue out
  • 3. MP3DirectCut now sets an intersection
  • 4. Click on section of the cut is made and the MP3 split in two
  • 5. In the menu list you can now find the set intersection with exact time
  • 6. Saves both MP3s newly created under a new name

For mer information on MP3DirectCut here:

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