Stardew Valley: Schattenei, Dino Egg and Co. – Sun gets her special animals!

Stardew Valley: Schattenei, Dino Egg and Co. - Sun gets her special animals!

Victoria Scholzon 10/10/2017 at 17:08

In Stardew Valley you can not only a variety of farm animals to breed, but also special nature on your farm have. Included are dinosaurs or blue chickens. To some of these special animals to get, need their luck or just time. We show you how to get the special animals in Stardew Valley.

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In this Bilderstrecke we want to introduce you to four special animals in Stardew Valley that you can get you on your farm. Included are a sweet little dinosaur, black shadows chicken and special blue chicken and black slime. To get some of these species, you must long after certain objects looking. But we want you betray the places where we were lucky to find special kinds. Do you know more localities? Then they write us in the comments!

Witch hunt and archaeological excavations

In order to get you a Dino or a black chicken, you have to either dig in different places, go fishing or long wait for a special event. With the latter you get to know a nice witch who will meet you again at the end of the game. But in order not to spoil you further, we have already stopped at this point and recommend you to look at tips from us more. You want to get, for example, more Ancient Seeds? Then you look at the following video:

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The Dino is my personal favorite. Do you already have all the special animals on your farm?

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