Celebrity Big Brother 2017 live stream and TV: Start with new candidates today

Also this year, TV viewers can look back on a new Celebrity Big Brother issue. Today we start with the first episode of the reality soap. Which candidate can be expected? And when can I switch to the daily expenses?

Today, on August 11, it goes into the now fifth season of the celebrity edition of Big Brother. As in previous years, you can again this time turn at Sat.1 and watch as give themselves more or less prominent residents under constant camera surveillance. The winner among the candidates can look forward to a profit of 100.00 euros, after all. The first issue begins today at 20:15. If you still are traveling or can not receive the channel, their turns at Sat.1 online a live stream. This works including on streaming services Magine and TV feature film Live.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Start date and candidates

The plan was to leave to start the program in the fall 2017th However, fans do not have to wait quite so long already, on Friday, August 11 it goes into the new season of Celebrity Big Brother. The feed you can follow from 20:15 am, the daily consequences with all the highlights of the day is there from 22:15. Those who do not make it in time for the broadcast dates, records all episodes of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 with the online service SaveTV.

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Alternatively, there is all the episodes in the repetition on the Sat.1 library streamed to the screen.

  • Also this year the program will be shown again daily for two weeks.
  • Jochen Schopp and Jochen Bendel moderate the summaries of daily broadcasts.
  • In previous years, the transmitter Sixx accompanied the celebrity editions of "Big Brother" with nightly special expenses. This ran with ordinary for the transmitter quotas. 2017 is dispensed with, however, the small sister channel Sat.1 on a late-night talk show. However renounce you do not have to match the size, can look online further remembered.
  • The motto for the season 2017 is "all or nothing".
  • is known who will moderate: Jochen Schropp and Jochen Bendel carry out the mission. Bendel was already part of the companion shipment Sixx.

To recover the spectator interest, you want to work on the concept of the show. This will be done on one side wildcards for even less well-known celebrities. These must free himself from several applicants for a wild card for participation. This competition will be shown ahead of the season start in his own show. In addition, there should be for non-celebrities the chance to buy yourself a delegates. According to BILD information, however, 100,000 euros will be due for a candidate when.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2017: unknown candidates &# 8211; who could participate?

The success of the mission hinges, of course with the participating candidates. After many rumors now clear who can be observed in the coming days:

  • Sarah "thingy" Knapp: Model and jungle camp participant
  • Zachi Noy: "popsicles" star
  • Maria Hering fitness blogger
  • Claudi Obert: Luxuslady
  • Jens Hilbert: Rich man
  • Steffen from Beeck: ex-fiancé of Jenny Elvers
  • Evelyn Burdecki: Bachelor's candidate
  • Eloy de Jong: Caugh-in-the-Act-Member
  • Sarah Kern: fashion designer
  • Willi Herren: Lindenstraße actor and singer
  • Milo Moire: artist
  • Dominik Bruntner: Mister Germany 2017

Starting tonight, 20:15 am, you can get to know the candidates in Celebrity Big Brother on TV and live stream.

In the fall at the former Big Brother home RTL 2 the show "Love Iceland" to go in also more or less well-known people in the competition starts.


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