Ubuntu: install and uninstall programs – Manual

In Ubuntu you can install programs such as Windows and uninstall. We show you in this guide on how this works in the Linux operating system.

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In Ubuntu installed and uninstalled their programs primarily through the so-called Ubuntu Software Center. but you can also do via Terminal or use DEB files.

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Installing applications - Instructions: Ubuntu

So you can install programs in Ubuntu:

  1. Presses the Windows key to open the Dash.
  2. Typing software and click on Ubuntu Software Center.
  3. Under the button all applications you can search the top right search box for specific programs.
  4. Click in the search results to the desired program, then click the Install button.

    The Software Center will search and install its programs.Ubuntu:

  5. Type in your Ubuntu password.
  6. Ubuntu will install the new software and adds a shortcut to the Start menu.

Alternatively, you can install programs also via Terminal. For some, it is quicker.

Install Ubuntu programs by terminal

To install applications via Terminal with the command apt-get, you go as follows:

  1. Presses Ctrl + Alt + T to open a terminal.
  2. If you want to look for programs that you typed in a search apt-get and then the name of the program, such as: sudo apt-get search firefox.
  3. Depending on the program, Ubuntu now displays a short or long list of packages and sources of the program.
  4. To install as Firefox, you typed now: sudo apt-get install firefox

    Ubuntu: So you installed a program via the terminal.Ubuntu: So you installed a program via the terminal.

  5. Confirm the installation with your Ubuntu password.
  6. The program is now installed.

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install programs with DEB file

Sometimes there are programs do not have official repositories. Then you can download programs as Deb files for Ubuntu and install, similar to the EXE files on Windows. The Steam client can download it from the official website about the DEB file and install it.

Note: Not every DEB file is necessarily suitable for Ubuntu. You should therefore find out if the DEB file for Debian or Ubuntu was created.

Ubuntu: uninstall programs - Manual

In a similar way you uninstalled in Ubuntu programs:

  1. Opens above the Ubuntu Software Center described.
  2. Click above Installs button. Ubuntu shows all installed programs sorted by category to, about accessibility, Office, Graphics, Internet, games, etc.
  3. Opens the appropriate category and click on the program that you want to uninstall.

    Ubuntu: Here you can uninstall their programs.Ubuntu: Here you can uninstall their programs.

  4. Click on the Remove button. Under certain circumstances, Ubuntu shows which packages must also be removed. Confirms remove with all.
  5. Give a your Ubuntu password.
  6. The software is now uninstalled.

Remove Ubuntu programs by terminal

So you uninstall programs via the terminal:

  1. Open the terminal by their presses the Ctrl + Alt + T.
  2. Typing sudo apt-get remove one, followed by the name of the program, such as: sudo apt-get remove firefox
    Note: If you still behind the command &# 8211; purge typing, so sudo apt-get remove firefox &# 8211; purge, be deleted or their dependencies.
  3. Confirmed the uninstallation with a j and the enter key.
  4. Ubuntu now removes the program.

What you should know about Ubuntu:

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