Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Tips to classes, fights and Co.

With Dragon Ball Xenoverse two lots are back on exciting fights for anime fans. Do you need more tips to be the best budding Saiyan, will help you continue this article. We also tell you useful general information surrounding the Beat &# 8216; em up.

In the second part of the Xenoverse universe, you're back to it the save the world and to be the most powerful hero of Conton City. Here you have in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 course again deny a lot of fights. you need this for some Tips and Tricks, should you bring you the following article to heart. You seek instead for a way to transform you into a Super Saiyan, you will find the following video help.
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General tips for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Watch out especially well when it comes to the tutorial. Although it may take until you're done here &# 8211; but it's worth it. In the tutorial you learn already basic techniques and can test in the battle you. Since there are some changes in the second part, you should take a look at the introduction and internalize the controller. Have survived her the tutorial, the game're off. At the beginning you can even your character from Part 1 Import and get it Bonuses.

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Also do not forget your leveling character and distribute attributes. After each level-up you get namely Attribute points, the you can select in the pause menu. Then clicks boost to attributes and distributes the valuable points. We recommend you also, try each of the five races. During the game you can create any number of characters. Each race can use individual skills or wear armor. So you try out to find the breed that best suits your playing style. In addition, you'll get with other races also other rewards and can sometimes even do other missions.

Looks for the bright, blue objects. They show you collectibles.Looks for the bright, blue objects. They show you collectibles.

Run carefully Conton City and is looking for blue, bright objects. Select items and use objects. Some collectibles appear regularly in the same places again &# 8211; So she visits several times. Do you want to collect even more useful items, the surroundings of the missions with the examined Scouter from. He shows you not only weakened allies who can heal her, but also Collectable.

Earthlings are well balanced and have default values ​​in defensive and offensive.Earthlings are well balanced and have default values ​​in defensive and offensive.Start Photogallery(12 images)Release List for September 2017: These games are waiting for you

Classes and races at a glance

You can you not decide which class you want to play in Xenoverse 2? In the following overview you will find a brief description of all races. Tip: In our classes guide you will find more information, Tips and Guide to all abilities and transformations the races.

  • Earthling: Standard values ​​and well balanced, Ki automatically fills and Max Attack rises
  • Saiyan: Warrior with less health, but higher attack power, values ​​rise to revival
  • Majin: lower recovery of endurance at high defense values ​​depend on the sex
  • Namek: high health and rapidly increasing stamina in less attack power, objects are more effective
  • Freezer Clan: low health, but high tempo in attack increases stamina

Kamehameha! Tips for battle

Although this tip is very obvious, it is often forgotten: Levelt first and distribute attribute points and then fights. Think so from investing your experience points before a fight in the online mode. Parallel Quests are a good way to level up quickly because you may be able to repeat many times. In addition, offers you the chance here rare items to obtain.

  • You can share your Ki still charge! Some players of the first part probably think that there is no way to recharge Ki &# 8211; after all, you can now press no key for this to occur. For that you can buy but skills that your Ki in the fight aufladen.Erwerbt as Energy charge, full-force attack or maximum charge.
  • Puts Endurance breaker correctly! The stamine breaks can be a powerful weapon in the fight. Sets her it correctly, pull it off the complete endurance of the enemy. Meet her next, you are open to counter-attacks. Controls in the direction of the opponent and hold either pressed quadrilateral / triangle or X / Y. If you opt for the former, followed by a slight attack that paralyzes your opposite short. In addition, his stamina is completely withdrawn. but expresses its latter, the heavy breaker is used. Although he has little longer load, but he draws from more damage and empties the stamina display. We recommend combining the easy breakers with melee attacks and heavy with super attacks and Ki-explosions.
Ki-explosions are particularly strong. Inserts them after a heavy endurance-breaker.Ki-explosions are particularly strong. Inserts them after a heavy endurance-breaker.
  • creates distance between you and your opponent! Are you landed in a tricky situation, you should perform a back-Dash. For this, you think X or A and navigates 2 times away from opponents.
  • Differs with the Aura Pop Sprint out! This ability is a novelty that has only been around Xenoverse second The sprint to offset the strong close combat and teleports you to the opponent's back. Expresses rectangle and X or X and A to zuzustürmen at high speed to the counterparty. Expresses her the combination 2 times, you find yourself behind the opponent. Do you see that a ki blast begins, you can counter it.
  • Prepare you time for Ki-charges or transformations with the Sprint Attack! Do you want to use a knock-back, presses triangle and circle, or Y and B, and cast your opponent in the distance. Do you want to make a combo follow presses X or A. With the Sprint Attack you can sling out and prepare your Ki blast the enemy.
  • Dodges and uses the Z Vanish! Fast teleports you manage with the Z-Vanish. So you dodges quickly, for example, to generate your endurance. Presses for L2 and LT and selects the preferred direction. At the same time you have to press more X or A and already you are leading the Z Vanish from. It consumes no stamina, so you should use it often.

This item is constantly extended. Do you have tips, please let us know in the comments.

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