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Google+ for Android provides on the smartphone and tablet access to the world's second largest social network Google+. The app allows you to share photos, videos and text messages with contacts. Users who are looking for an alternative to Facebook should look at Google+ and the accompanying Android app definitely once.

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Google+: The social network from Google

Google+ was founded on 28 June 2011 by Google Inc. and since then has well over 500 million registered users. While competing portals such as Facebook to a single website to be limited, Google+ is integrated with various products and services from the home of the US search engine sneezing. Another essential difference is that the &# 8220; relations&# 8221; the user may be one-sided.

Google+ for Android: The functions

  • Friends and interesting people to follow
  • Join communities to discuss exciting topics and others meet with similar interests
  • automatically back up photos and videos in full resolution
  • Beautify Photos with animations, panoramas and other effects
Google+downloadQR codeGoogle+Developer: Google LLCPrice: Free
  • Google+ for Android
  • Google+ for Android
  • Google+ for Android
  • Google+ for Android

Google+ for Android: Download Free

Google+ for Android is compatible with both smartphones, as well as with tablet and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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