Stardew Valley: many secrets undiscovered, co-op planned

Stardew Valley has blossomed in recent weeks to the true surprise hit and has already sold over 400,000 copies. However, despite the fact that already extremely cavort many players in it, there is obviously still secrets that no one has discovered.

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So you get the key to the sewer

Eric Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley, has announced in an interview that there are still mysteries in the game that no player has been found. What exactly are, but he has not betrayed and it also is not even sure if they will ever be found because they are so obscure and strange.

He also stated that an existential and free update will be released in the future, because the players have been asking for different functions, which he gladly wants to add. Including, for example, more suitors are located, including Shane. However, since he works alone, he can not say exactly when the update comes. He also had planned that the game includes co-op opportunities. In the meantime, he has, however, changed her mind and delivered the game only once without a co-op mode. But now think yet again about it and would like to add this option to the game. Here, too, is unknown, when this should be the case. He will not mention any dates, because he wants to give any promises he may not be able keep. We keep you informed but to date.

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