The Elder Scrolls Online: Dagger fall Federations – Everything about the fraction of the Bretons

The Elder Scrolls Online can join you at the dagger fall alliance. This fraction is one of three groups in which you can become a member of The Elder Scrolls Online. What has crucial implications for the choice of your people or your class with them.

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In The Elder Scrolls Online, the dagger fall Alliance is the oldest and most established group. And in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series the city dagger fall is already named after the second game of the series, Daggerfall been. But what's with the dagger fall alliance about?

The dagger fall Alliance

SurnameDagger fall Alliance
leaderGreat King Emeric
leading peopleBretons
Member nationsBretons, Redguard, orcs
goalsRecovery of the Second Empire, keeping away from Elf securing trade routes
  • Alliance of the peoples in the west of Tamriel
  • Equal democratic along the lines of the second Empire
  • Close relationship between Redguards and Bretons
  • Orcs not fully integrated
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The Elder Scrolls Online: So the dagger fall came alliance

Even the dagger fall alliance was a result from the period of interregnum, an era in which everything in Tamriel went haywire and the unscrupulous Necromancer Mannimarco the corrupt become Empire infiltrated and controlled.

teso-dolchsturz01The wily Great King Emeric leads as the dagger fall alliance and prudent.

By the ongoing fighting and unrest trade was massively disrupted and important streets and roads blocked and robbed merchant caravans. This was contrary to the enterprising Bretons of High Rock, because they lived on trade and commerce.

For free trade and old values

Therefore, the wily trade prince Emeric was able to prevail as a great king and enter into a very lucrative alliance with the brave Redguards by marrying the princess Maraya of sentinel. However, this led to a war with König Ranser Schorn helmet, whose daughter was already engaged to Emeric.

teso-dolchsturz02Redguards live in the desert.

War broke out between the kings, during which the Orcs of Orsinium be presented at Emerics page. After defeating Ransers army Emeric promised the Orkkönig Kurog to restore the ancient kingdom of orcs back when it also joined his alliance. So the dagger fall alliance of orcs, Bretons and Redguards emerged in the eponymous town dagger fall.

Unlike, for example the Ebonheart pact or Aldmeri Dominion, members of the dagger fall Alliance general prosperity and the restoration of the old Empire to the goal while the other groups would like to get rid of this forever.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dagger fall Federations - Good reasons for membership

If you like deserts and barren landscapes that should love the areas of Redguards and the Orcs, because there is plenty of it. In beautiful contrast in turn is the magnificent region of High Rock, the commercial center of the West and home of wealthy Britons.

teso-dolchsturz03The strong orcs make good warriors.

Of classes the peoples of Ebonheart Alliance offer a good selection of magicians, healers and fighters, as the Bretons through magical skill, the orcs have great strength and Redguards plenty of stamina.

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