Fernsehen.to TV programs such as RTL, Pro7, Sat.1 to see more online – this is legal?

Classic television is increasingly displaced from TV viewing over the Internet. With Fernsehen.to there is a provider that brings you TV programs stream online in the browser window. But one must view streams on Fernsehen.to at all?

Fernsehen.to TV programs such as RTL, Pro7, Sat.1 to see more online - this is legal?

Fernsehen.to beitet you online access to virtually every imaginable free-TV channels, whether ARD, Arte, ProSieben, N-TV, Sat.1 and more.

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Fernsehen.to: RTL, Pro7, Sat.1 to see more online - can you mean?

  • Unlike Magine * and Zattoo is here access to RTL, ProSieben and other stations completely free.
  • In contrast to the above suppliers is at Fernsehen.to however, be assumed that the provider does not possess a valid license for the online broadcast of the television station.
  • For this reason, you move into a legal gray area when their TV shows streaming on Fernsehen.to.
  • An imprint or a contact address missing on the page.
  • it only reaches the reference to a contact possibilities about the same, anonymous communication tool via the button "bitmessage".
  • Lack provider license is not the stream of TV programs over Fernsehen.to in the interest of TV stations.
  • Partially single transmitter be taken out of circulation here streams.
  • Also Fernsehen.to has ever been down for some time.
  • The resolution of the streams can also left often wish with a blurred image you have to expect.
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Legal services like Fernsehen.to: the alternatives

will not be prosecuted for watching programs about Fernsehen.to. The situation is different if you provide when watching via P2P itself stream content on the Internet and provides so the TV stations other online users. This is an act that you both criminal, as can also be placed at the expense civil law.

RTL and Co. free and legal viewed online at Magine*

Do you want to be absolutely on the safe side and watch TV programs online, you can do about Magine this. Magine offers you ARD, ZDF and Co. for free. Several pay-TV channels and programs of ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL Group are available in the first 30 days after an application is also free. After that you can watch the channels from 1,99 € per month Book - perfectly safe, legal and orderly in stream quality.

Fernsehen.to TV programs such as RTL, Pro7, Sat.1 to see more online - this is legal?The legal fernsehen.to alternative: Magine TV

Read also with us, there are services in this country which legal TV streaming and how to watch TV on the Internet. We also clarify whether the service Beautiful television is legal.

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