Thunderbolt hard drive enclosure for Mac at a glance

Thunderbolt is the fastest interface on our Macs, but ekes out a niche. Also responsible is a very manageable market supply - this is our current set of compatible disk enclosures.

Thunderbolt hard drive enclosure for Mac at a glance

Is Thunderbolt stillborn? The fact is: The market for compatible peripherals for the exquisite interface is limited to the front hand on expensive special solutions. For the general Apple built into its Macs now the much cheaper USB 3.0 port. This is very clear in our search for appropriate Hard drive enclosures with Thunderbolt. The manufacturers prefer to focus on complete solutions - pre-assembled, external hard drives or SSDs. If you want to compile its configuration, however, internally, is faced with a modest selection. Nevertheless, some of them very interesting approaches which, however, show off with a no less "interesting" pricing found.

elgato_thunderboltMay be an alternative: &Finished; # 8220&# 8221; Thunderbolt storage solutions (pictured Elgato).

Thunderbolt Housing: consider alternatives

Advance be said: Who grappling with the idea of ​​a hard drive enclosure with Thunderbolt port, should previously consider alternatives in each case. are under some circumstances pre-configured systems cheaper than a "kit". Is the Mac more recent, including a much cheaper hard drive or SSD can be with him USB 3.0 operate. While USB 3.0 is much slower on paper, in practice it falls in normal applications but not a major factor. The bottleneck is not the bandwidth of the interface bus, but rather the data throughput of the storage medium - SATA III with a maximum of 600 MB / s. Only in SSD-RAID configurations, Thunderbolt is really noticeable compared to USB 3.0.

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HDD enclosure with Thunderbolt: Usually only for 2.5-inch drives

All housings are almost always room for drives with 2.5-inch form factor, not 3.5 inches (desktop hard drive). Why is this so? The speed advantage of Thunderbolt (10 Gigabit / s) can develop only with nimble SSDs. however, traditional hard drives are much slower - a use with Thuderbolt appears only useful if only high storage capacities are desired. The majority of SSDs will be only 2.5-inch drive. Summary: Thunderbolt hard drive housings are designed from the beginning to the use of the smaller format. Of course, but let obstruct also "normal" notebook hard drives with 2.5 inches.

samsung_ssdMost housings accept only 2.5-inch drives - such as this SSD from Samsung.

Another note: All solutions have only the first generation Thunderbolt - Thunderbolt 2 (available on the new Mac Pro) but is compatible. Disadvantages in speed result from the fact not really - bullet point bottleneck in data throughput of the storage drives.

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Overview: Housing for hard disks and SSDs with Thunderbolt

On the following pages, our readers will find a current and short compilation of on the market hard drive enclosures with Thunderbolt port. Have we forgotten a model? Please let us know in the comments - thank you.

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  • Page 3: Thunderbolt housing with space for two or more drives


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