Portable Software: What is it?

On the Concept Portable software or Portable version of each is probably already stumbled when downloading a program. But what is going on with the portable software actually about? In this guide we explain what makes the difference between portable and conventional version of a program.

However, before we clarify what is a portable version of a program, we should perhaps before that aside vacate a famous fallacy. At today ruled smartphone world, the association is located near natural that Portable software simply represents the smartphone offshoot of a program. However, this is not the case.

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What's Portable software?

USB Memory Stick and Laptop ComputerPortable software makes the USB flash drive for all-purpose tool

Portable software is called, among other things standalone software or stick-Ware. The big advantage of portable software is that it does not have to be installed in the normal case and so can also be used from a USB flash drive from any computer. Here, the user can access its settings on each machine. So you can, for example, the same program with their own preferences on the home computer, laptop and use at work, without having to adjust the settings three times.

Portable software leaves ideally so no traces of such entries in the registry. In addition, most portable versions of programs will work without administrator rights. This means on the one hand, that although the software has no direct access to the hardware and certain system components. On the other hand, this also means that you can run the programs on portable computers on which you do not have permission to install software.

Portable software &# 8211; What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages of portable software are as varied as the programs themselves. So there are portable versions of browsers, e-mail programs, media players or office suites that have nahzu no disadvantages.

For other programs, you have to make minor concessions, as individual functions would need an administrator right or were simply cut out of storage space. Lastly, there are also portable versions of programs that have a profound impact in the system actually, such as anti-virus software. Here is the portable version is often very limited and should not be used as an everyday alternative to the traditional version.

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