Battlefield 1: To start with six warring factions – one of the most important as DLC

As part of the E3 2016 EA and DICE have revealed that warring parties you are allowed to play in multiplayer World War Schooling Marketers Battlefield 1 - one of the most important, however it ready just as DLC, while another party is absent.

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Just in case that you belong to those who do not know, according to EA, that there was a World War I before the Second: 1914 was the Austrian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand shot (after an arms race in many countries) in Sarajevo by a Serbian activist. Austria and Germany declared the country then the war, the allies (including Russia) jumped in and suddenly there was war everywhere. It fought primarily the Central Powers (including Germany and the Ottoman Empire) and the as yet unknown at the beginning of the war as the Triple Entente coalition (consisting of France, Russia and Great Britain). In Battlefield 1 you will have to do without two of the countries mentioned at the start, however.

These are the multiplayer factions in Battlefield 1

This was announced by EA and DICE announced on Tuesday via Twitter. Thus the starting six fractions for the Battlefield-1 multiplayer will be available that can compete against each other.

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On the side of the Central Powers

  • The German Empire
  • Austria-Hungary
  • The Ottoman Empire

For the Entente

  • Great Britain
  • The USA
  • Italy

Although Russia, which unlike the United States is one of the main actors of the war, one of the founding members of the Triple Entente, it is obviously completely absent in Battlefield first France, the most famous front of the war is, however, initially only serve as a venue. The army is thus later than DLC filed later. It is unclear whether this is a free or a paid extension. Reason for the late production is according to developers Julien Wera of that the French have made such a great contribution in the war and therefore deserve special treatment, which requires more time.

How these warring factions to play exactly in Battlefield 1, learn it when the game on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC appears. Early Enlister Deluxe Edition buyers already set off from 18 October, EA Access members from 13 October. When the Origin Access members' turn, has not yet been announced.

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