PlayStation Plus: Has Sony leaked the first two free games in June?

Sony still has not revealed which games we receive in the coming months as a PlayStation Plus subscribers. In a newsletter, however, the company could have leaked the first two titles.

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Once again, it is so far. Your monthly speculation about the free games of premium subscriptions Xbox Live Games with gold and PlayStation Plus have arrived. In the case of Xbox titles, the real lineup has now been announced, whereby the previous "leak" was exposed as a forgery, but Sony has not yet made no move to reveal more about the free games that you in June for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and expect the PlayStation Vita. At least not deliberately. But, perhaps accidentally.

These are the PlayStation Plus games in May

So reports the page Gearnuke that recently newsletters were sent by Sony, which already reveal two of the upcoming PlayStation Plus games for June, though not immediately apparent. these names were discovered with a look at the link description of an image within the newsletter that promotes the advantage of free title with a PlayStation Plus membership. To see there are the names of NBA 2K16 and Gone Home, which so far had not been in the squad of the service. However, there is no mention of whether this is also the first "big" game for the PlayStation 4 may be expected because NBA 2k16 also appeared for the PlayStation third In any case, this is not to be regarded as confirmation that you will actually see in June this title.

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PlayStation Plus games are unveiled for June when exactly, is not yet known. Last but it was said that the announcement will be made until next week. Unlocked the title are then only on June 7, with the next store update.

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