Bloodborne: MERGOS nurse – Boss Guide

MERGOS nurse seems to be straight out of a nightmare. With dark cape, six arms and black wings, it represents a formidable opponent in the RPG Blood Borne. As you lay the sword-wielding nurse the craft and how nasty attacks must still respect their else, we will tell you in our boss guide.

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A gespentisch-looking woman in bloodstained white dress has you the way directly to the Boss Arena Menses nightmare. MERGOS nurse is like Ebrietas, daughter of chaos one of the Grand in the game and accordingly has some tricks up his sleeve with which it forces you in no time to respawn at the last hunters lantern.

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Bloodborne: MERGOS nurse at a glance

placeMenses Nightmare
dropsumbilical cord
blood echoes72,000
Strengthencarries six blades, creating duplicates
weaknesseslightning damage
Recommended Players Level70

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Before her boss Yharnam meet the Queen.Before the boss battle you will meet Queen Yharnam.

MERGOS nurse - Boss Fight Guide

The fight has no phases and Mergo not change their behavior until the end. In general, you should consider the following tips for fighting history:

  • MERGOS nurse is vulnerable to lightning damage. so use flash paper for your weapons or use a aufgelevelten Tonitrus.
  • As against Father Gascoigne, helps against the nurse, the Small jukebox. Use of this she draws back a step, giving you precious seconds.
  • You can roll under most of their attacks through.
  • Poisoned throwing knives are very useful against the boss.

Beware of the six branches

MERGOS nurse manifested prior to the battle in a cut scene before you. It is very fast and has six arms with scimitars in each hand, three on each side. Periodically, she starts one of Blade Flurry. Stay away and in that time from their side attacked only from behind. Here you are relatively protected and gets little damage, but you should even be made.

From time to time, the boss will teleport and reappear elsewhere, usually right behind you. After publication will delve into a powerful attack immediately that best avoids her with jumps backwards.

In the back of MERGOS nurse you are well protected from most attacks.In the back of MERGOS nurse you are well protected from most attacks.

Attack of the Clones

The most dangerous strategy is MERGOS nurse when she begins to conjure up a purple mist. Then she opens a nightmare dimension and summon a clone of himself, which always appears at the side of you and attack directly. You can clone by constant movement in the circle dodge well and even kill with one blow, if you're fast enough. It is also possible to prevent the nurse at the summoning of the fog when you may be able staggern time.

mergo-screen2Almost a minute you have to bear in purple mist before it disappears again.

The loot of MERGOS nurse

As a reward for your efforts you will get in addition to the blood echoes the subject Umbilical cord. This is important if you want to see the enlarged end of bloodborne. In total you need for three umbilical cords.

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