Huawei Watch: These tips can help you life

With the Huawei Watch potent Android Wear watch emblazoned on the wrist. Below we show you tips that you may not have all had "on the clock" that can facilitate your daily life, however.

Huawei Watch: These tips can help you life

All specifications and information on the Huawei Watch

Huawei watch works with Android Wear. And this Google operating system provides a variety of functions. Even Huawei itself has built some interesting features in the watch also includes additional functions can be upgraded via App.

In the dark is not good rumors with the Huawei Watch

Secretive beware: The Huawei Watch could make you a spanner in the works. Because with the preinstalled Flashlight App light comes quickly into the dark. The application increases the display brightness to the maximum level and displays a white background. So you find yourself cope even if you should not find a light switch in the stairwell and early in the morning after a wild night the keyhole (hopefully the right apartment) studied. The Flashlight app gets you easily on the app overview or pulling down the status bar from the top of the screen.

The Huawei Watch knows how much you moved last summer

The Huawei Watch app, Huawei Wear not only measures your steps and keeps your pulse fixed, but also records your sleep automatically. So you can check that your sleep patterns change and keep it. Who wants it more fully, Sleep as Android uses - but costs the app after the free trial period 3.99 euros - then the pulse is recorded along with sleep and displayed in clear diagrams and statistics. Furthermore, the Huawei Watch can hold as individual running workouts with the preinstalled fitness tracking app. So you know how far you went you know how many calories you burned her and be as long run it. Likewise goals can be set and check your progress in the Huawei Watch app, "Daily Training".

Huawei WeardownloadQR codeHuawei WearDeveloper: Huawei Internet ServicePrice: Free  Sleep as AndroiddownloadQR codeSleep as AndroidDeveloper: Team UrbandroidPrice: Free

Cinema: Mobile silently (Smartwatch-) light, movie!

Huawei watch_15 [1]

Should you want to disable Huawei Watch once, but skip the laborious start process or the clock at any time to re-use on-demand, which helps control button at 2 o'clock. Pressed it to her twice the clock is switched to the so-called Cinema mode, with a further press her puts them back in the normal mode.

"Beam me, up Scotty!"


Okay, "Scotty" from Star Trek you will with the SmartWatch probably never reach, but the Google Now assistant. various operations such as placing a timer or alarm, or the heart rate monitoring it can be easily start using speech. Even WhatsApp messages can be sent out. More Android Wear | GIGA&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>Google Now tips for Android Wear we have compiled here for you.

Huawei Watch as a remote control

As a remote control, the Huawei Watch engages in two scenarios: on one hand with the same app as a remote shutter release for the camera. What is this good? Who uses a camera tripod, the function will appreciate. In addition, the mouse of your computer can be controlled remotely with the app Unified Remote - so is a coffee evening without wires peripherals no more obstacles. Chips, cola and beer provided of course.

Unified Remote FulldownloadQR codeUnified Remote FullDeveloper: Unified IntentsPrice: 4.39 €

And then there's a "hardware" -Tweak Changes but the bracelet Huawei Watch for a new look!

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