Google offers reward for answering surveys!

You know the drill well enough: Everywhere there is advertising that you can earn Quatrillionen euros if you join in just this one survey. of course, is almost always cheese &# 8211; looks to Google this now somewhat different.

Google offers reward for answering surveys!

Money flows from Google, although not, but you can at least earn Play store credit points. Unfortunately, the whole thing is still not in Germany available. At least it will not install on my smartphone itself.

Google has them as an app, which Google rewards comment lists. you load these down, you have to answer a few questions about yourself, connect the app with Google Wallet and can then answer surveys to bag a few credits. However, it will not give countless surveys, about one week, about which one will be informed in the notification bar. With 10 questions you can expect each survey.

Look also at the following video, which is the Concept explains a little more closely:

We can not now do much more than wait and see if the app also finds its way to Germany.

Source: Androidandme

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