Riverdale Season 3: When does the new season?

The second season of Teen mystery series Riverdale running since October 12, 2017 Netflix - but of course, raises the question of how to proceed in the future. Will there be another season? And when could Riverdale Season 3 launch in Germany? We asked around.

Look here before the trailer for the second season of Riverdale to:

8691Riverdale Season 2: Exclusive HD trailer for the new season

Riverdale is among the most popular shows on Netflix - actually quite amazing, because the reaction of the known comic book series Archie Comics did initially somewhat difficult. Meanwhile Riverdale but established with the audience, the second season started recently when streaming provider Netflix, which secured the international broadcast rights. The question remains: What happens next with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Co. when the new episodes are done aired?

Riverdale Season 3: Is a third season likely?

Unfortunately, there is currently no announcement to a third season of Riverdale. Neither the person responsible for the production of US channel The CW nor the streaming service Netflix have so far commented on the future of the series. But this must be a bad sign not inevitable. The second season has recently started - if we remember back to us, it also lasted for Season 2 quite a while until the official announcement.

Riverdale Season 2So far there is no official announcement about a third season of Riverdale. Image: The CW

The comics on which the story is based, give in any case much material here that could be implemented as a series. The extent to which the makers can be influenced by the template or which story threads have been taken up in the third season of Riverdale, is not yet known. At the moment it is first of all wait until an official announcement is made. Due to the respectable success of Riverdale we assume that will not take too long.

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When could the third season of Riverdale appear?

Since nothing has been announced, we can only speculate at this point. If you look at the release of the previous seasons, but can be seen a likely launch date.

  • The first season of Riverdale started with us on January 26, 2017th
  • The German-language release of Season 2 was then carried out on October 12, so a good 9 months later.
  • Assuming, Riverdale Season 3 would then sometime from July 2018 Start, perhaps a little later.

Once there is news or concrete announcements about the third season, we will inform you of course at this point about it. What about with you? Do you wish you a third season of Riverdale or two seasons more than enough?


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