“OOTO”: What does the abbreviation (chat language)?

Who moves a lot on the Internet, read on forums or writing, especially in the business area of ​​e-mails is frequently confronted with different abbreviations. One of these abbreviations is "OOTO". But what does "OOTO"?

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Particularly in e-mail traffic, the abbreviation "OOTO" is used.

"OOTO": definition and meaning of the abbreviation

shutterstock_222012868The abbreviation Otoo is mainly used in chat rooms, e-mails and messages within a company.

  • Like most Internet slang expressions, even "OOTO" originates from the English.
  • Literally translated, this means: "Out Of The Office."
  • Other translations are "Out Of The Ordinary" or "Out Of This Office".
  • "Otoo" is mainly used in correspondence online.
  • Explains the author of a message that he was "OOTO," he means that he is not for a period mentioned in the office.
  • Certain tasks or requests are therefore not performed at this time by the person concerned.
  • Often the abbreviation takes place in the absence of notes in mail programs.
  • Do you read the abbreviation in the absence notice, you shall probably do not expect a quick answer.
  • If you do not yourselves are for the foreseeable future at work, we tell you how to set up a vacation message in Outlook.
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What does "OOTO"?

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