Remove Interpol Virus: No power to the Ukash Virus

The so-called Interpol virus had his wedding in August to November 2013. That does not mean that he is out of the world. We help you in this, get rid of the annoying Ukash virus again when your PC is locked by the supposed authority.

Remove Interpol Virus: No power to the Ukash Virus

Interpol has your computer with the message &# 8220; Your IP is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below&# 8221; blocked because it is said to have illegal content on your PC, then you sacrifice a Ukash virus have become and should you make it that you, the Authority hops, but rather how you get malware from your PC again not worry.

As I got myself the Interpol virus?

As with any malware you have brought you the Interpol virus through a fraudulent link to a phishing email, on a shady side or fake freeware on the computer.interpol virus

Do not fall purely on the fraud. The message that gets displayed it, is a fake, which is evident only in the many errors. does not address the demands of scammers who want to re-enable a payment your computer. For it, an authority you only prosecuted and running again for a fee as unlikely?

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How do I become the Interpol virus rid of it?

Since the computer is obviously blocked and even after a restart to be the fake message from &# 8220; INTERPOL&# 8221; outputs, you need to approach work differently to you. Follow our instructions to:

  1. Ride the computer (hard reset, long press Power)
  2. Starts the PC in safe mode with networking environment
  3. Give in search of Windows msconfig and starts the application
  4. now disables all startup programs
  5. Starts the PC in normal mode
  6. Chasing an anti-spyware program (for example, SpyBot) on your hard drive and clears any infected files


It may well be that even with several anti-malware tools residues remain on your PC. In this case, you have no choice as a back up data and to recover Windows.


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