terminate FitX – fast & amp; easy

If you are logged in at the gym FitX, you can simply cancel your membership. We declare the notice periods when you have to terminate the contract, so that your contract is renewed automatically, and can in exceptional cases which terminate her immediately. In addition, we have prepared a template for rapid processing.

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terminate FitX

  • If you want to terminate FitX, you can about your the &# 8220; Members Area&# 8221; make this link *.
  • Alternatively, you can end their contract also your e-mail or fax (0201 8067457-99).
  • Phone her FitX reached at: 0180 5 040,180th

If you by letter going on, you have the notice to this address / address message:

FitX Germany GmbHStop Stra├če 6145141 Essen

The notice periods & exceptions found below. A template for completing we have prepared here. Click below in Aboalarm window on the button &# 8220; remain here&# 8221 ;, if it appears you. Give up above the address your name, address and postcode, including your membership number &# 8220; ID&# 8221 ;. At the very end you give more of your name and surname. Down on the button, ready.

FitX announce: limits, exceptions & rest periods

fitx logoThere is a notice period of three months to the end of the contract.


  • You have your contract on completed 07/24/2016.
  • your agreement running then until 31.07.2017.
  • So that your contract is renewed automatically, you have to at the latest on 30.04.2017 cancel.

There are exceptions, in which you can cancel anyway:

  1. You can / are allowed a longer period not exercise make (certificate from the doctor as confirmation required).
  2. You are (necessary u.U. medical confirmation) pregnant.
  3. Your moves to another city or municipality in which there is no FitX studio (confirmation from the registration office is required).

In these cases, your contract ends on the day on which you received the notice, including more necessary certification for FitX. In the case of the second and third the contract ends at the end of the following month.

Alternatively, you can out of your contract let rest. For the duration of the rest period you have to pay anything. The rest period may not exceed 6 months per year and is only 5 full calendar months possible. You must FitX 15 days before the scheduled rest period give notice.

Danger: But membership is automatically extended by the duration of the rest period. You can rest time on the &# 8220; Members Area&# 8221; (See above) apply.


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