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Allows easier access to the Windows Power Options

The freeware Shutdown Manager allows Windows users with simplified access to the Power Options of the operating system. These are available after setting up the tools in the task bar, can be blocked then continue off from where the computer restarts, connected in hibernation or sleep mode, and performed a logoff or PC.

access with comfortable Shutdown Manager on the Windows Power Options

To lock the computer to Shutdown Manager and thus to protect against unauthorized access by third parties, you have to simply double-click on the tray icon of the tool. For all other options to choose the same to right-click, and then the available actions appear in a drop down menu located. Select an option to perform the corresponding action.

Shutdown Manager Menu

Settings Shutdown Manager

In the settings of Shutdown Manager, you can determine whether the tool is to be started automatically during system startup, and whether the respective actions to be safe side confirmed again before execution.

Conclusion of the free Shutdown Manager Downloads: Shutdown Manager provides a significantly faster access to the Power Options on the Windows computer. Actions such as locking the computer or putting it in sleep mode go with the tool much easier by the hand. The possibility of Vorschaltens of security issues before the actions can also be well prevented by accidentally turning off the computer.

The Winload category Desktop Tools provides the way a whole lot of other useful tools for the Windows desktop.

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