Green Room Movie review: The toughest film of the year

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The atmosphere is always special. The so-called &# 8220; Green Room&# 8221; the back room of art. Your dingy dressing room, if you will. It is a place where the artists wait before they go out on stage, and where they collapse after they have given everything. Of the &# 8220; Green Room&# 8221; is real. No show, no stage identity, just sweaty people who are working on their art. The new film of the rapidly rising Directed talent Jeremy Saulnier plays not only to a large extent in such a "green room", he wants to bring the excitement, the authenticity and the fear that filled this space with his thriller to the screen. And that's it nearly perfect success. 

They are called the  &# 8220; Ain't Rights&# 8221; and they play punk. And the very unsuccessful. But what is somehow okay, because Pat (Anton Yelchin) and his bandmates it my really serious about punk. You remember him to life. Cost what it may.

But when a scheduled gig in the Pacific Northwest is bursting at short notice, the down rocking clubs band is suddenly standing before the financial collapse. The money not even to fuel the musty VW bus, in which the band for weeks living on the breadline to take home enough. When they then holding a flimsy Booker the gig in a club of the ultra-right scene as saving straw to his nose, take Pat and his friends against their better judgment. A little later the Ain't Rights are facing a life-threatening mob of fascists and play Dead Kennedys' "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".

Green RoomThe &# 8220; Ain't Rights&# 8221; at their last gig. (Image via A24)

What follows hurts. Really hurt even. Jeremy Saulniers film attaches great aesthetic value to its violence. to refer to them as hard, it would not be just. It is a visually unusually thoughtful, brilliant kalkulierende violence that feels as real and true as the place where she plays. Blades are in this place not just knives, there are box cutters and machetes.

Saulnier can speak his wound and act his shots. In its best moments, "Green Room" feels it like an attack dog by the throat. What is meant here by the way, not only as a metaphor. If one has brought this experience of violence behind you, the violence of other films is a beautiful time before ordinary and superficial. "Green Room" of secondary importance has become these days violence returns its texture. That alone makes this unusual film about an event.

Green Room Movie review: attack dog by the throat

Superbly violence aesthetics "Green Room" has also in other places on the arbitrarily become the genre of thriller out. It is a film that almost before reluctant to be more. While staged by emerging directors genre films such as "It Follows" or "The Witch" recently sought refuge more and more in the intellectual ramifications (and found), is "Green Room" braces with all his strength against this trend.

Anyone who tries to read a deeper meaning, a higher message in this film, which will run with full force against a wall. Superficially and immediately unleashed "Green Room" at his classics like "Assault on Precinct 13" recall ends centrifugal forces without ever being metaphysical. It is what it is and it's damn exciting.

As in a classic Western, our likeable barricade and are thereby wiped out by the bloodthirsty hordes lurking beyond the fort gradually. Whether they will survive this night, there is always grudgingly open. The lurking unpredictability of "Green Room" is another of his many virtues.

green-room-is-a-must-watch-brutally-insane-movie-sundance-reviewWith caught with hung. Amber (Imogen Poots) in the maelstrom of violence. (Image via A24)

That a film that will, according to the statement by his director on no account try too hard, will have Punk and so, in the end, a few minor problems, which is in the nature of things. Those who want to attract about necessarily about the screaming Navität a left punk band that can be voluntarily surround by Nazis, who will get to occasions. But must not. But that just the sound rack of the film had to Ettlich opportunities lie in the production, which is more than regrettable.


Jeremy Saulniers "Green Room" is a stinking of sweat mosh pit full of biting force and original violence. A simple in the best sense film entirely without compromise surrenders its dramatic moments and any subtext bans. Fear, pain, survival - that is the simple, physical vocabulary of "Green Room". The result of this reduced sentence structure is a refreshingly tantalizing tour de force become that finally spelled the word "thriller" again reasonable. Jeremy Saulnier, her next film is on our list very top!



Green runs from June 2 in the German cinemas. 


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