Amazon: Returns save even without Prime

Amazon has become one of the first points of contact when it comes online around shopping. In addition to CDs, DVDs, games and electronics are also found clothing, household goods and more here. Who is Amazon Prime member, you need not pay any shipping costs when ordering for premium shipping. But even without Prime membership, there are tricks that you can save the cost of delivery.

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With the Prime premium shipping you receive directly from Amazon lines shipped the next working day after dispatch. As a rule, Amazon demands for Standard delivery cost 3 € per delivery, the rapid Prime shipping usually costs even 6 € per delivery.

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Amazon: save shipping costs &# 8211; Tips Free Delivery

  • shutterstock_126926213from a Order value of 29 € for the shipping costs for standard shipping for Amazon Prime customers without access.
  • In the past, the lower limit for the order without shipping costs remain at € 20 was.
  • For books, shipping is free and without Primer on Amazon.
  • Often you can one therefore very cheap, sometimes used book Add to your order to save so the shipping costs.
  • In the books you should make sure that is specified below the price of the note "Fulfillment by Amazon".
  • Many books are available starting at 1 €, so that you can reduce the shipping costs by at least 3.2 and gain ideally still something useful for the bookshelf at home.
  • Is your order, just under the 29 €, can you fill the cart with everyday objects in order to reach the minimum order value.
  • Amazon their items and items for daily use that ye can have it delivered to equal per online order without this must go the extra in the shop around the corner isAmazon: Returns save even without PrimeAmazon: Returns save even without Primen.

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save Amazon Returns: Tricks for 2015

Often, it is also advisable to wait an online order and possibly to ask friends and relatives if they are not needed anything. So you can place a bulk order and also exceed the amount of 29 €. Also the fact that their respects when ordering not the "1-Click" feature uses. Here are often orders of several items not combined in a package, but sent individually. The same applies to products with the "Immediate send, if the article is available." Furthermore, you should keep the following in saving the Amazon shipping costs in mind:

  • E-books, downloadable content, and gift certificates are not included in the minimum order value of 29 € for the free shipping.
  • Pay attention to the seller: The Free Shipping only can you take if the individual items are shipped directly from Amazon and not a market place provider. The shipping costs here are given individually by the dealer.
  • Füllartikel and affordable books can also be selected from the Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Amazon: Returns save even without Prime

Who often ordered from Amazon, the registration with Amazon Prime should be going through your head. Here you pay annually 49 € (= 4.08 € / month) and can thereby access the quick Premium shipping. At the same time you have access to Amazon Prime Instant Video, the streaming service from Amazon. There, thousands of movies and series relays are included, which you can watch on your PC, on iPhone and iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, and many other platforms online. In the first 30 days you can test the service for free * and thus verify that the video offering and the prime delivery time will your demands.

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