Honor 5X with Android 6: Marshmallow for the smartphone – is that possible?

developed under the sub-brand Honor and published Huawei inexpensive but nevertheless well-equipped mid-range smartphones. The Honor 5X is a current model &# 8211; but even the latest version of Android running on your phone? We'll tell it to you and tell you how Android gets 6 marshmallow on the Honor 5X.

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Only at the beginning of 2016 was the Honor 5X presented. The mid-range smartphone with 5.5-inch display not only convinced by a legendary equipment, but also because of the fairly low the price charged. For Android users, however, is always important even if the new smartphone also features the latest version of the Android operating system. We tell you how the Honor 5X and Android 6.0 Marshmallow looks. If you already own the smartphone, but still are looking for a cover for the Honor 5X, we also help you further.

Huawei Honor 5X PressCurrently there are Android 6.0 Marshmallow not for the Honor 5X. Too bad.

Honor 5X and marshmallow: Android 6.0 for the mid-range smartphone

For those who like the latest Android version want to use on the Honor 5X, there's good news and bad news: Currently, the new version of Android is not available for download. Until now, Android 6.0 has been Marshmallow not yet been distributed to the 5X, but the manufacturer already has end April 2016 announced that it should not be long until an update is taking place.

Honor 5X: When can we expect the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

As befits the mouthpiece of a company located Honor has to Twitter kept quite covered in terms of the period of distribution of updates. Since the announcement came already end of April, you can probably assume that the update yet before the fall is rolled out to the Honor 5X. If you want to check if the update is available, it is simply as follows:

  1. opens the settings.
  2. Scrolls something and looks for the point system.
  3. Typing on now update program and then on Looking for updates.
  4. Is a new version of Android available, you can now have the option to To install Get to the device.


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