USB-C: An Apple-invention?

The new USB standard Type-C shall we owe a major Apple says at least tech journalist John Gruber.

USB-C: An Apple-invention? [Opinion]

John Gruber, in his tech journalist and blogger Apple Numero Uno with very good contacts to Apple, read in the latest episode of the podcast The talk show a very interesting note on a leash.

So Apple is said to be the driving force behind the new USB standard, USB-C have practically invented extent developed and handed over to the application or the concept of the USB consortium.

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If you look at all previous USB type, and then to compare the new USB Type-C, this seems quite plausible. But Apple USB C has really invented?

Apple is not a member of the USB consortium, the association of companies behind the USB standard. Basically, however, any company can bring this industry standards in the development. Finally, it should be a universal standard for all.

However, Apple for the first time, listed on a new USB standard and just with the most elegant USB Type-C as a co-developer.

Well, no mitentwickelndes companies and consortium member claims itself to have invented a specific connector types. You do not do that. Do not play on such an important joint project of the industry and does not advance himself into the foreground. Outside the consortium companies are indeed competitors, within the two companies cooperate.

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Do we owe Apple USB-C? Probably, for the following reasons:

first USB has been a horror. The default is widespread because times are very important companies are now members of the consortium and were able to impose their influence USB.

USB is or was until recently but far from an elegant standard. Countless different plugs for countless different applications and countless different USB specifications within a type family, USB made up to version 3.0 to a confused and confusing standards.

USB vs USB - slightly exaggeratedUSB vs USB - slightly exaggerated

A look at the Wikipedia page on the Universal Serial Bus is enough to cast doubt on the soundness of mind of the consortium members. USB 2 standard A, USB 2 standard B USB 3 Standard A, USB 3 standard B USB 3 Powered B, USB 2 Mini A USB 2 mini B USB 2 Micro A, USB 2 Micro B USB 3 Micro A, USB 3 Micro B etc.

USB combinationsUSB combinations

This proverbial clutter are facing Apple connector standards.

Firewire USB was far superior, but could not prevail because Apple alone especially 10-15 years ago, against the all-powerful USB consortium could not arrive.

Thunderbolt, developed by Intel and Apple, is expected to overtake the medium term, perhaps the same fate as FireWire. but it doubts any of the performance and the elegant concept of Thunderbolt.

Lightning you need not explain well. Apart from the fact that Apple's Lightning is proprietary, Lightning is probably one of the most elegant multi-function connectors that are currently on the market.

Those who know Apple knows that Apple's engineers hate nothing more than to be obstruct by others in their development work. Apple hates dependent on other companies to be. Still, Apple's products, of course, must conform to standards. A MacBook must have USB. It must be understood with monitors from other manufacturers. You must be able to infect the Mac peripherals from other companies.

Apparently Apple was so frustrated with USB that you took matters into their own hands and searched for a better solution.

Personally, I am working now for over a decade, every day with Apple's corporate policy and for me that sounds so typical for Apple, as it can be.

Before Apple's old USB connector concept deals with a 17 years and designed its Macs to these outdated basically connector standard around, tapping on the table and unceremoniously developed a better USB design, if only so as not through something to let hinder such an oversized USB port.

According to the official specifications of the new USB standard, Apple is not responsible alone for USB-C, but has the third largest team found behind Intel consortium member. In such an important standard which, as the name suggests, should be universal, much factors play a role, assume their processing (power management, controller, etc.), many specialists from many companies. If Apple can do something, it is the design, and therefore is not only the appearance of an object, but also about its function.

USB-C specifications - TeamUSB-C specifications - Team

Of course, none of the members want a single company, and certainly not Apple, which is not even a member also, collects only the credit for a standard that is better than all that on the whole consortium over the last 17 years has asked the legs.

Secondly Apple wants to build thinner, lighter and better equipment, like any other business actually. This does not work if industry standards that you must support, or at least should, have been designed out of date and / or bad and hinder Apple in achieving its goals. In these respects, Apple is ruthless.

The big problem of the USB consortium was until now that it has never trusted in the 17 years to set a clear cut. Each new plug design had to be compatible with all previous generations, resulting ultimately in the abstruse plug designs of USB 3.0.

While Apple's competitors built even 28 years old VGA jacks in their Ultrabooks, Apple is not afraid known back in front of it, to remove technologies that have passed their peak of its products and to put it on new horses.

It has then made with the floppy disk drives Apple. Likewise with the DVD drives (recall to the whining of 2008, when Apple introduced the first MacBook Air, which came along without a SuperDrive). Even one's own Firewire Apple dropped in favor of Thunderbolt. Adobe Flash is another example.

"Death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. "- this quote from Steve Jobs from 2005 can also be applied to technology. You have to leave old technologies die so that new and better technologies can prevail.

thirdly Apple is the most successful company in the world. Also, sales of Macs continues to grow, while that of personal computers has been falling for years. Apple obviously has to make things right. The course also knows the competition, which is strongly oriented more or less the industry leader. So if Apple comes with a new and better USB concept around the corner and it turns the competition available, why would the competition will not want to jump on the train? If I were HP, I would accept any straw thanks, especially when it comes from Apple.

At the end of the day but it is not important who invented USB-C, but only that the big players in the industry and push the new standard consistently.


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