Debiting of Amazon Digital SVCS? That’s behind

Since one brings his bank statements from, sees the usual charges and then gasp: 7.99 euros were deducted from a post entitled "Amazon Digital SVCS." What could that be?

Also debited amounts totaling 3.99 euros or 9.99 euros may appear on bank statements or in the overview in online banking. Was hacked the account or are you fallen into a subscription trap?

Debiting of Amazon Digital SVCS: What is it?

In most cases, the debiting of "Amazon Digital SVCS" is quick and easy to explain:

amazon-digital svcs

  • It is in fact a deduction from Amazon, but this was rather cryptically named. the debit was carried out in this case by Amazon Digital S.A.R.L.
  • Was an amount of 7.99 euros or 9.99 euros deducted from your account, these are likely to order the monthly fee for access Amazon music streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • Amazon Prime customers get access to the music service 7.99 euros per month. Without Prime membership, the cost is 9.99 euros per month.
  • In the initial phase, there was access to Amazon's Spotify competitor for 3.99 euros, so this amount in the past was often read in conjunction with "Amazon Digital SVCS" on account statements.
  • however, were 69 euros or 34 euros Amazon debited, it This is the annual fee for the Amazon Prime membership.

So you can save on your next order:

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Amazon Digital SVCS: debit for music streaming

Your account has been hacked. Amazon's service can be after the first login free trial *, falls immediately after the registration no payment. If you did not have the debit on the screen and you forget that you still have an Amazon Music Unlimited Access, you can terminate this. In our guide, we explain how this works.

With these tricks you bring anything from your Prime membership out (video):

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If you are sure to have completed no subscription on Amazon Music Unlimited, check your last orders at online retailers. Do you find also no evidence of the deduction, contact the Amazon support for further assistance.

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