Mac or PC: compare and buy recommendation

Is it time for a new computer, you come today to the crucial question is not around: Mac or PC? Those who have already decided that we can not help you. For those who are still undecided, here's a little big decision support.

Mac or PC: compare and buy recommendation

Because certainly some of you ask what you can expect from such a guide in GIGA APPLE already (!): No, just because we are who we are, the result is not necessarily predictable. But read for yourself&# 8230;


Here, the PC has a distinct advantage: I can go to a computer store, pick out me exactly the desired components from the extensive market and assemble them into a computer (let). There are, apart from a few compatibility limits, no restrictions.

Here you can either on the price or make the quality and accurately together rooms, the box that you want.

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That's not so easy with a Mac. Although Apple offers several configuration options for each model. manually search for parts, buy a case and power supply to tinker and is not provided. In addition, iMac, MacBook Pro and Co. are so screwed and glued that you can not replace components.

Even the installation of an alternative or additional hard drive into an iMac or Mac mini can be a mid-weight craft project. So you have to consider exactly what you want when you shop at the Apple Store.

Why it is like that? Well, on the one hand, designed to Apple hardware and software itself, so that both are perfectly possible with each other. For Windows PCs and operating system components, however, are from different manufacturers. Therefore, the software must be set to all kinds of components virtually "blind".

Moreover, it is advantageous from a purely psychological point of view, to provide customers with few choices. Who can build a computer from millions and billions of possible combinations, expect perfection - after all, there are enough variants. Who chooses a few dozen possible combinations, gives itself subconsciously faster content with what he has. But only at the margins.

What really matters, is the right to own highest self-fine components. If you want to this, you should put together your PC (leave). For the pre-Mac again speaks "holistic approach" (so terrible as that sounds), hardware and software from a single source. Less friction between program and component are the result, no annoying driver updates the icing. Therefore, a point for Apple.

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Operating System and Software

Mac or PC: compare and buy recommendationOne of the biggest differences between Mac and PC is clearly the operating system. Microsoft Windows is still by far the market leader and has won a firm place mainly in the offices of this world.

Most programs written for Windows. That does not mean that you yourself must forever and forever set on a system. It is theoretically possible with both systems to put the respective other as a second OS on a separate part of the disk. On Windows, but that requires some complicated steps. With a Mac, it's relatively easy to create a second partition using Boot Camp to create, on the then Windows is installed.

Also, of course, there is the opportunity to help using virtual machines and image on both systems, the other one. So you can continue to use, for example, individual programs, which are not available for one of the two platforms, even if you otherwise prefer to walk on the other side of the "bank".

Mac or PC: compare and buy recommendationVirtualized Windows 8 runs on OS X thanks to a program such as Parallels Desktop.

In the end it is the most important thing to have dealt once with both systems. In everyday life, personal preferences, routine and routine processes play a major role. Windows has the advantage that many already know and use for many years. On the other hand, a number of conventions were with the latest version 8 of the operating system overthrown, so many have to start over an already - a good opportunity again to look at both systems exactly.

And since you can install on a Mac without problems Windows on a PC but not readily OS X (apart from the project "Hackintosh"), this point goes to Apple.

Note should you but also that Microsoft Windows is sold (in addition to downloadable versions) on DVDs. Since OS X Lion is available from Apple any more disks. Instead, the operating system from Apple's own Mac App Store is sold - exclusively as a download so. Those who have no access to broadband Internet, should be aware of this fact.

compatible peripherals

Until recent years, Apple had the problem that hardly a manufacturer of printers, scanners and other peripherals was willing to make designed specifically for OS X products to market. Too small the audience, too low margins.

Mac or PC: compare and buy recommendationGrowing choice: Mac accessories in Apple's online store.

Meanwhile, there are no major manufacturers more who either has special Mac hardware in the program or its products from the outset for both platforms designed. Here, the advantage is the separate installations of control programs are needed already built into Apple's operating system, many drivers for peripherals and only in isolated cases.

Of course, especially the use of Intel processors instead of the PowerPC architecture is responsible for ensuring that the firmware can easily support both platforms. So the installation of new equipment is often limited in OS X to connect via USB.

Under Windows, that you can still have to separately install drivers in many cases. But here too, the situation has improved. However, it has internal components that are buying in arrears, nor a manufacturer program be installed in almost all cases, so graphics card or Blu-ray drive to work.

Although these drivers are often available to the manufacturers of components, but sometimes not very easy to find.

So this point is (now) on both platforms because the installation of printers and Co. in both systems is quite easy today. Especially for more complex machines, such as multifunction printers and fax machines is sometimes needed on OS X and Windows additional software - so undecided.

Operation and Design

Here, of course, the ghosts. Who which interface like better, despite all the generally recognized principles of UX and design is by no means predictable. Therefore, to take this opportunity: moderation is the key. Both platforms look at and get to know the particular idiosyncrasies, then make a decision.

I can only speak from my own experience and that of many people from my friends and family: switching from Windows to Mac OS X (laymen) were always pleasantly surprised how easily they could be incorporated in a foreign system.

In my own transition from Windows XP to OS X 10.5 Leopard, I was particularly impressed by one thing. If you do not know how something works, it usually works exactly as you think it to you. I mean, many operations are so intuitive and obviously well solved that one comes by itself it.

Mac or PC: compare and buy recommendationSo much for the user interface. The design of the hardware is of course just a matter of individual taste - the silver aluminum containers from Cupertino in my opinion are a visual treat. All of them are designed by the star designer Jonathan Ive for Apple. The only problem is: If one does not suit his style, you have little chance to avoid him and still use a Mac.

Among the PCs there are many (really - too many to count) variations. Colorful, gray, square, round, small, large - computers in all colors and shapes. In addition, a rich-filled market exists for embellishments, modifications and accessories that allow for customization of the Towers or notebook to the last detail.

For Apple computers, there are various envelopes and stickers. However, not nearly as many. It seems that Mac users did not want to cover than necessary to always rejoice in the sight of their crates. As for design, both the software and the hardware, Apple has the edge.

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