Dark Souls 3: launched pre-orders – aaand they’re gone

Next year, Bandai Namco and Fromsoftware Dark Souls 3, including as a Collector's Edition and prestige finally appears. And since today you can pre-order all editions. There is only one catch.

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The action role-playing game of the coming year is in my eyes only Dark Souls 3. Yes, there also appear various other really good games, but I can not let the fanboy-existence simple. As we reported you, Bandai Namco are and send From Software hardcore blast in April 2016 into the race, and the different in four versions. Because of course we have the very classic Standard Edition, but also the exclusive pre-order Apocalypse Edition. In addition, we can look forward to a Collector's- and a prestige edition that not exactly be cheap, but also provide some content.

The Apocalypse Edition for the simple pre-order*

As of today, all three Dark Souls can be pre-ordered 3 -Sondereditionen last. All pre-orders have upon each participating retailers the chance to get hold of the Apocalypse Edition, which includes a Steelbook and the soundtrack alongside the game. But if you want the Red Knight figure, you have to have to Collector&# 8217; s fall edition. And here already also shows the first hook. to be able to pre-order for this edition of Dark Souls 3, you must visit the online retailer Amazon. There you can slam on the PC for 119.99 euros on the consoles, or 109.99.

Get yourself the Dark Souls Collector 3&# 039; s Edition!*

And then there's the extremely limited Prestige Edition for the well-last game of the series. next to Dark Souls 3 and the Red Knight figure This also offers a slightly larger, hand-painted and numbered Lord of Cinder character of artificial stone. And this edition has a hefty price: Rich 399.99 or 389.99 euros are due for. In addition, Dark Souls is limited 3 Prestige Edition to just 2,000 pieces &# 8211; worldwide! This version is only available from Amazon. But before you your sour savings scrape together and thinking about buying one: After a few minutes all the available editions were sold out! Perhaps you will soon find it on eBay, but then of course at a much higher price.

This edition is unfortunately escaped you*

Dark Souls 3 will be released in Germany on April 12, 2016 Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, while the players in the land of the rising sun was already two weeks earlier are supplied.

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