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The OSM Leisure Card Germany is based on the maps of the OpenStreetMap project and offers outdoor navigation for hikers and cyclists.

OpenStreetMap is an open mapping project comparable to Wikipedia. Hundreds of volunteers wallets in their free paths and roads in Germany and send these spatial data with a few notes on OpenStreetMap. There the data is checked again briefly and then inserted into the cartography. How well the resulting card is, so is primarily due to a rain community.

Which is now we have not given in every country to the same extent and in Germany there are regional partially large differences. Nevertheless, just the ticket of the Federal Republic can offer relatively quality maps.

The use of OpenStreetMap, or OSM as abbreviate Kenner, is free, but not easy. OpenStreetMap namely only offers a huge pile of GPS data with explanatory tags. A card you have to leave it only drawing using appropriate software, which of course has the advantage of being able to determine exactly what should be as shown.

Most pure users who do not understand as much of Cartography, therefore, prefer to rely cards on one of the many ready-OSM. As leisure map with topographical information (ie contour lines), the free OSM has proved map of Kleineisel for Germany. However, this does not have to support the disadvantage Garmin's new software Basecamp and is therefore only recommended for users of Garmin Mapsource or open source project QLandkarte.

The linked here OSM Freizeitkarte Germany however, supported by Klaus Tockloth Garmin's new mapping software Basecamp. Under Download, there is the OSM Leisure Card Germany as a simple zipped img file that can be copied directly to Garmin devices (the folder Garmin, in older devices that only support a card, the name can not be changed).

For the use of the card in Garmin BaseCamp the Linked here OSM Leisure Card Germany must Installer for Windows or the OSM
Leisure Card Germany additionally be downloaded for Mac OS. Who can not use a Garmin Basecamp or wants to can download the OSM leisure map for Q-Map alternatively across operating systems.

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