Minecraft ID List – All data values ​​for Selberspawnen (+ Download the list)

GIGA Minecraft SummerSlam You've already proven that you can be too great builders that stuff. But what about adventure maps, which are supported by a story? In our Minecraft ID list you can find all the data values ​​of the PC version of Minecraft for quick Selberspawnen. only place you have to yourself.

Minecraft ID List - All data values ​​for Selberspawnen (+ Download the list)

Divided is our Minecraft ID list into the various IDs that are assigned to the respective blocks, items, objects, or mobs. Some of the IDs listed need additional information. The items and objects in question are marked with * and will find below more detailed descriptions. Also on page 2 at the end of the table you will find an overview to download and print, if you your Minecraft ID List want to have it at hand.


How to items from the Minecraft ID List spawns

to let spawn objects allows you to quickly locate building materials, weapons or other objects without farming for it, to craft or harvest. So if you have, for example, the right to make an adventure map, you would indeed certainly bring along not only each block and each item by hand.

Have you in single player of Minecraft option &# 8220; Allow Cheats / Enable Cheats&# 8221; enabled, you can enter in the chat (for multiplayer you need the necessary rights to do so) the following command:

/ give <player> <object> <amount> (<data>)

Here, the subject of the block, item- or Mob ID from the list on the next page, and the data of the above-mentioned extension matches (if the item is marked with a *). The amount describes the number of items that you want to have spawned her at once.

Ex .: / give Jonas Teman 259 99 would thus push the player Jonas Teman 99 lighters in the inventory.

You can find the entire list of Minecraft IDs and data values ​​on page 2.


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