CyanogenMod 11-Themes: Top 5 designs for custom ROM

The CyanogenMod is not only characterized by a high stability, a solid battery life and numerous performance tweaks, but also by the possibilities of personalization. Thanks to the integrated theme Choosers can be in version 11 of the popular custom ROMs personalize not just app icons, but to the last detail, almost all components of the system. We offer an overview of our top 5 designs for CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod 11-Themes: Top 5 designs for custom ROM

The Theme Chooser Engine was originally introduced in the US from T-Mobile and has evolved over time through the work of the developers from the community for significant distinguishing feature of the CyanogenMod and their derivatives. Also for the CyanogenMod 11, the latest iteration of the popular ROM, there are numerous designs that allow for personalization of smart phones. Unlike traditional themes rather than the home screen, or the icons are changed, but one can therefore change system components such as the navigation bar, the lock screen, the settings menu, boot animations and font. Therefore, the CM11 themes can also bond well with icon packs from the Play Store. Still looking for the matching, which our Top 10 list is the icon packages for Android recommended.


For the OnePlus One, the developers have a variation, namely developed CyanogenMod 11S, which significantly extends the capabilities of the Theme Chooser. As well as individual components of a theme, such as only the font or the boot animation can be changed by the user now. However, not all themes make use of it - if in doubt, the user can choose from several designs but the perfect combination on his smartphone. We present a small selection of particularly beautiful themes - is a prerequisite for the application that is CyanogenMod 11 on the M10 installed snapshot, CyanogenMod 11S, Paranoid Android or another ROM with the Theme Chooser engine on the device.

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Top 5 CyanogenMod 11 Themes

1. Gem Flat & Gem Emerald


Gem Flat is likely to be many CyanogenMod users already known. It is a CM11 theme that is held in flat design and impresses with understated, elegant colors. Also, some system applications, such as the calculator or the SMS client be changed by the theme, as many app icons. Even transition animations that are Android-L Recents and a custom boot animation to be found.

Gem Emerald

In Gem Emerald is in principle the same Theme &# 8211; only with green instead of blue accents, raising a little material design feeling. Absolutely amazing that the developer offers such a complex theme for free download at XDA. Google Play but are also paid versions if you want to support the development. The two themes are in any case all the price of EUR 1.41 per worth.

Gem Flat CM12 ThemedownloadQR codeGem Flat CM12 ThemeDeveloper: Mac designsPrice: 1.98 €
Gem Emerald CM12 ThemedownloadQR codeGem Emerald CM12 ThemeDeveloper: Mac designsPrice: 1.98 €

2. Veu

Veu Theme-play goals

With a regular price of 2.84 euros is Veu the only paid Theme in our list, yet also comparatively expensive. Strictly speaking, but neither is one, but eight different themes for CM11. The user has to install the chance to choose between various accent colors: Persian Red (red), Azure Radiance (Light Blue), Slate Spruce (Gray), Torch Pink (Pinkrot), Mars Orange (Orange), Nova Yellow (yellow) Atlantis Green (Green) & Electric Violet (Violet).

Veu Theme-play goals-settings

The design is overall very minimalist and dark, only the accent colors stand out in many places of the system. The icons are changed, the integrated tone for the alarm clock, calls and notifications sound discreetly and complement the theme as well as the eight associated Wallpaper. The theme is well suited as a kind of tool box to change the system optics to match any home screen and is therefore, despite the rather high price in our Top 5th

3. L-Ready Light


Due to the general anticipation of Android L also a theme in the material design is a must. The selection of the Google Play Store is pretty big here and every developer has different ideas of how the design specifications are best implemented. L-Ready Light is a good and free, above all option in any case, if you want to benefit from the new look now. Available is the theme in both a light and in a dark variant.

L-Ready Light CM11 ThemedownloadQR codeL-Ready Light CM11 ThemeDeveloper: Kiriakos KanatsarisPrice: Free
L-Ready Dark CM11 ThemedownloadQR codeL-Ready Dark CM11 ThemeDeveloper: Kiriakos KanatsarisPrice: Free

4. BOSS Theme


Less is sometimes more &# 8211; who will still depend on the Holo UI and seeks a discreet as possible Theme is the right place. The BOSS Theme uses a slightly darker shade of blue and desaturated changed the system interface otherwise only very few places - that is just right for minimalists. Due to the small file size and only minimal changes to the BOSS Theme is well suited as a backup Theme in case. The Google Play Store, the design is not available - almost a secret so.

download: BOSS Theme (2.79 MB)
BOSS Theme (2.79 MB) qr code

5. Svelte UI

Svelte UI

Elegant and colorless, but not dreary &# 8211; then Svelte UI can be described best. The theme is kept very simple in principle and waives any colored accents. This can be advantageous to give the wallpaper or icons and a stronger focus is with all the colorful CM11 themes a welcome change. In detail, some subtleties that make the theme a good option for minimalists show here and there.

download: Svelte UI (3.84 MB)
Svelte UI (3.84 MB) qr code

Easy Fonts: Tip

There are in the CyanogenMod thanks to the Theme Chooser a fairly easy way to change the font. In a thread at the XDA Developers one finds a wide range of themes that include only a specific font. For example, the font of the smartphone can be changed easily, without restarting the application or an entire theme with all unnecessary content would be necessary.

Which CyanogenMod 11 theme is your favorite? Send us your suggestions like below in the comments.


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