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Need for Speed ​​Payback is to bring the series after the disappointing last part back to the racing game screens. For that is all &# 8211; Naturally &# 8211; greater. Is the open world concept really the solution? 

4176Need for Speed: Payback - Official Story Trailer

Unfortunately, the Need for Speed ​​reboot was not less than a disappointment. Too many embarrassing dialogues, too little arcade racing fun. Payback is now to bring back all the fun for which they once stood the series.

The fictional city of superlatives

Unlike The Crew, where you can travel through across the United States, the Open World in Need for Speed ​​Payback limited to a big city of superlatives and their drab surroundings. Sounds like Las Vegas, do you think? Not quite true. The city full of casinos in the desert, although geared to the largest city in Nevada, but it is fictitious. Why Silver Rock Fortune Valley not Las Vegas is, told me Game Director William Ho in face-off event in Cologne:

"We tried the game to build a real city around. However, we have seen that it was not a fun time to racing there. Real cities are built safely and for everyday way. The result was not very good. Then we looked for real places that have a certain personality. but above all we had to find routes that are fun. So we had to build a road network that is suitable for racing. Which plan we need for off-road? What for drag races? There had to be a lot of testing. Only then we added attractions that are oriented to true. Everything else came first. The focus was always fun game play. "

nfsp-world-game-map-1The card in Need for Speed ​​Payback

To ensure Silver Rock around forested mountains, canyons and dry dusty desert variety. The city itself, however, has little to offer. Clear is this is a racing game, but that is not to find a resident Silver Rocks, tearing up again and again out of the story. Unlike in the previous you will also experience no change in the weather, but a day-and-night cycle is. The world can therefore convince only partially.

Paul Walker, is it you?

The premise is briefly told. Protagonist Brian O&8217; Conner (Paul Walker in Fast & Furious series) &# 8211; here called Ryler Morgan &# 8211; dubbed himself as the best drivers in the city and stands with his friends Mac (Showman) and Jess (Wheelman) a Racing trio. However, the real allies Lina Navarro ratted the team to the police in order to provide benefits to the criminal, ruling House cartel. Five years later, it is important to regain the respect of the underground scene, to overthrow the cartel. Clever: To tell the shallow story a little more varied, you switch &# 8211; not free &# 8211; between three characters.

UntitledPaul Walk&# 8230; er, Tyler Morgan

Here, Tyler rides road racing and drag racing duels while Mac is the off-road specialist, denies drift competitions and Jeff takes on the role of the runner, that defends the guys in action-packed missions with massive actions against the police. The trio will make a good mix, but their motivations not remain comprehensible to the end. The dialogue is no longer as embarrassed as in the predecessor, but well they are not. Not only dialogues and characters screaming for Fast & Furious, the action is just as exaggerated.

1The police will simply weggerammt.

But history should not stand in the foreground, for it occupies only a small part of the 15-hour race game. In blockbuster missions you steal not only valuable car of the House cartel to escape in the subsequent chase by police cars are destroyed, so as not to end up in a dead end. Besides the many sports cars you also get the opportunity to drive a truck &# 8211; chased by a helicopter.


How William Ho already revealed in an interview that the gameplay was always about the story and the open world. And here Payback can score: Despite different cars and modes, the game controls &# 8211; especially the drifting &# 8211; immediately intuitive. The overall feel of the cars reminded now and then at GTA 5, which offers a similar clean arcade driving physics. Unlike the Rockstar game you but not you take spectacular stunts into their own hands. Instead, they are shown in cutscenes &# 8211; well, at least not by quick-time events. One or the other blockbuster moment more would not have hurt the game.


The open world is not particularly active, a fact that no mini-activities such as breaking speed limits or Sprünger upon minimum width not. In Streetracing-, off-road, drag and drift racing, the trio worked out of respect. The long sprint races and schlauchigen Highway routes are not very creatively designed, only the off-duels with their ramps offer something more fun.

4In off-road racing, the car bodies flying.

In addition to missions, you smear policemen or looking old wrecks from which you tinker formidable sports cars. The success in races depends less on the manifold body and varnishing options, as symbolized by a ranking figure of the performance. In the new tuning system six component categories are equipped with speed cards that are from time to time with bonuses. There is for example a speed boost if at least three cards of a particular tuning brand be used. The speed cards range in tuning shops changed every 30 minutes. However, important cards you just get either by race or by trading coupons at a card lottery, which you get by delivery of unnecessary cards or deliveries.

need-for-speed-payback _6013601

Even Need For Speed ​​Payback can not do without Lootboxen. The supplies you get namely not only by reputation, but also for real money. However, the latter is not necessary in order to play Need For Speed ​​Payback without problems, because you get enough tokens / cards too. The problem is there more that the grind only piecemeal brings improvements. With the purchase you do not receive at once a Suprkarre that brings you a great advantage. So the problem is rather that the hope is similar to the correct speed card after winning a race a gamble. Because you choose only from among three veiled cards, so you have to participate now and then on again at the same race to get to the correct upgrade. The high time and Grinding effort can be frustrating.

These are all the cars in Need for Speed ​​Payback: 

Start Photogallery(79 images)Need for Speed ​​Payback: Cars and list all manufacturers

The game is characterized by balancing problems. In races although there was no rubber banding more, but this has the consequence that any slightest mistake is punished and it is almost impossible not to get to the top because NPC is first placed as early as the middle of three levels of difficulty hardly and driver always allow no mistakes. Often opponents are unassailable, even if you have your sled for eternal Grinding so very grown up, that he should actually beat the competition with lower car stage clear.

The plot is also offline playable. In the game world no other players emerge. In online mode, up to eight players compete on a similar performance level against each other, the choice between RACER and off-road vehicles. As a reward, there Speedcards, money and experience points. In the long run the multiplayer mode is not very motivating. Desirable a mode would have been, to be completed in the blockbuster missions together with two friends.

1Also gloss effects are late loaded (left).

Visually creates Need For Speed ​​Payback chic environments, but not perfect. Textures invite late, the shadow moves on the Xbox One X while driving. Frostbite 3 is precisely designed primarily as a shooter Engine &# 8211; pointing to the Mass Effect: Andromeda now Need for Speed ​​payback. After all, the arcade racer runs on Microsoft's new console in 4K and liquid 30fps.

Summary & Conclusion


Need For Speed ​​Payback another game that the Open World had not been necessary. While the arcade-heavy gameplay and extensive tuning could convince, but the blockbuster action is lost in a beautiful but lifeless game world that offers too little variety. If the game linear, the developers would certainly be able to focus more on memorable characters, neat balancing and motivating Grinding.

You'll like if You arcade racer like and Fast & Furious always wanted to experience as a game.

If you do not like when are you a fan of realistic racing simulations.


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