Chrome 53: Google donated Windows browser performance boost

Google has started with Chrome 53 in order to rely on Microsoft's "Profile Guided Optimization" technology and thus the browser much faster. The performance boost, there are Windows only.

Chrome 53: Google donated Windows browser performance boost

Google is making the Chrome browser on Windows faster

Google has officially announced the Chromium blog that one's own Chrome browser on Windows is much faster through the use of a new Microsoft technology. The company has the browser now been given the "Profile Guided Optimization" technology, while also given some speed advantages over previous versions. Chrome 53 is indeed distributed as an update for quite some time, but Google has only now expressed about the benefits.

  • New tabs are loaded by 14.8 percent faster
  • load web pages when you first open up 5.9 percent faster
  • The Chrome browser will open faster by 16.8 percent

Of course these are only small improvements that could yet bring a noticeable increase in performance in total. Chrome was accused of particularly Microsoft last time and again that the browser need too much power and energy. Google, however, had tried to refute the allegations with their own tests. That Chrome now relies on Microsoft technologies to make the browser faster on Windows, of course, is a bit unusual - but is likely to disturb the user hardly. Importantly, in effect, that a simple browser PCs not auslastet if some tabs are open. Exactly in the direction Google wants to move with future versions and not rest on the market power.

Chrome 54 brings PGO for 32-bit systems

While the new PGO technology is already integrated in the 64-bit version of Chrome 53, users have to wait a bit for 32-bit systems. There, the improvements will be integrated only with the 32-bit version of Chrome 54th Older or weaker systems that only support 32-bit, are likely to benefit so experienced with a new version only.

Source: Chromium blog via smartdroid

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