Apple Campus 2: finishing touches on the new headquarters

Just in time for the end of the current month two drones fliers as usual released their aerial photos from the Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino and documents the changes in the past few weeks there.

Apple Campus 2: finishing touches on the new headquartersSource: Matthew Roberts / YouTube

As in previous months, Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfield their videos on YouTube have this time made public.

These show that the workers are now employed on Apple Campus 2, among others, with various Landscapers. For this example, the plant is one more trees on the site or the creation of walkways around the new campus.

At the same time, among other things, the above-ground garage on the site is already being actively used by the construction workers. It can also be seen that the last solar panels are installed and adjusted at the main building. On the roof of the workers are still busy to put into operation the solar systems.

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The arrival of the first employee is expected in the coming weeks. For many months, Roberts and Sinfield keep the construction work firmly thanks to its drone flights in moving pictures.

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