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music sequencer recordMust make music to be expensive? Not necessarily, because we present to you here three free MIDI and audio sequencer before and check them for their professional suitability. No trial version, limited editions and shareware, but only in literally free software. At the head of the offering Quartz Audio Master, Kristal Audio Engine and Wavosaur. Can this really be an alternative to Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk or Apple Logic? We have taken the freeware for capturing, cutting and producing music even more closely.

1. Kristal Audio Engine

Productive work begins with appropriate clarity. The user interface of Kristal Audio Engine is a feast for the eyes - colored, clearly identified and labeled.

kristal waver engine

In terms of function Kristal Audio Engine is like the backbone of a paid audio sequencer software. The simple design enables you to concentrate on work without constantly having to look up complicated additional features. Kristal Audio Engine requires remarkably little processing power (therefore also for the weaker Computer suitable) and comes even with multiple effects per audio track, rarely stutter. The package constitutes own plug-ins, but also supports external effects and virtual instruments (VST plug-ins). 16 audio tracks with high sampling rate ensure excellent sound quality.

What this software is still missing? Unfortunately Kristal Audio Engine does not support all external loops (as Native Loops, Acid Loops and groove clips). The track number is limited, which is why Kristal is less suitable for large arrangements. And the crucial shortcoming - Kristal lacks the MIDI function. That is in good German, you can not operate this Sequencer by external controllers and MIDI keyboards. The developers have, however, announced this feature for Kristal second

Kristal Audio Engine for free download (Windows)

2. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is an all-rounder for audio recording and editing. The program takes a whopping 491k only on your computer to complete &# 8211; and is the only MIDI and Audiosequencer freeware that requires no installation. With ease to sound files can involve, create loops and trim passages. In size, it is amazing that so many professional features Wavosaur includes (for example, converting the sample depth, Pitch Shift, Auto Trim, Crossfade Loop, etc.). Effects can be edited (ie mess around while listening) at Wavosaur in real time.


Wavosaur can do a bit more than Kristal Audio Engine. This sequencer supports VST plug-ins and can be operated very well by external MIDI controller. What is also particularly interesting and exciting to the eye, the analysis tools that you have, for example, can view the sweep of your compositions in 3D.

Free download Wavosaur (Windows)

3. Quartz Audio Master

Quartz Audio Master is the means for those who compose with a computer to record, mix and want to publish. In terms of usability, the program is in his piano roll editor at the top. The Piano Roll Editor may be known to those who, for example, have you ever looked into Apple Logic. Here you can enter on a virtual piano on a time axis sounds.

quartz audio

Of course, the program also supports VST plug-ins. Moreover Quartz Audio Master includes the ability to synchronize sound with video. The program can be well controlled by external MIDI controller and is therefore also very suitable for live.

Very much wrong with Quartz Audio Master is the system compatibility. The program operates with Windows and even there (no Vista Ultimate, 7) only with the older versions. In forums is rumored across multiple installation problems, but the cause may be it was also the computer.

Free download Quartz Audio Master (Windows XP, Vista)

Best free Sequencer &# 8211; the decision

Who is at the very beginning and out of his computer has no means, we recommend to start with Kristal Audio Engine. The software is user friendly and simple in design, but not dispensed with good sound quality and the ability to integrate VST plug-ins. For rehearsal recordings or concert recordings, this software is also great suitable.
The decision between Wavosaur and Quartz Audio Master is more difficult. If you want to integrate with visual means, the latter software is recommended, because Wavosaur does not include this option. For the advanced Wavosaur of more interest could be. There has never been a freeware sequencer with so many advanced sound processing options.

Invincible is the fact that Wavosaur occupies little space on your computer. However, both of these programs are used at the professional level and therefore worth a start.

From: Yuka Steingräber