Slim in his sleep breakfast: the basis for the removal of insulin food combining

The Slim in his sleep concept from Dr. Pape experienced a real hype several years ago and even now many want to lose weight with the insulin food combining in his sleep. The so-called Dr. Pape diet is rather a change in diet, in which you are allowed to eat at breakfast surprisingly much. What else can the morning on the table next to the popular chocolate spread, we show you below the practical guide.

The nutrition expert and a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Detlef Pape has his practice in Essen, where he helps obese patients to lose weight. Do you want the concept &# 8220; losing weight while sleeping&# 8221; try the rich breakfast is already a good incentive. And otherwise slimmers will not miss anything but eat only at the right time of day. Because in order to get lean on the concept, you shall observe the biological clock.

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Slim in his sleep - These are the rules

This type of diet is based on the hormone insulin, which is produced in the pancreas and would block the fat burning at night when you multiply take to dinner carbohydrate foods to you. Because the dietary carbohydrates are converted to sugar. You eat dinner pasta or bread, your insulin level rises so much that fat burning will slow down. For burning fat in his sleep after Dr. Papes declaration growth hormone HGH charge, which would be hampered by insulin. Waived her evening on rice, bread and Co., have you really hungry in the morning. That's right: you shall eat carbohydrates in the morning to allow the body for the day with energy is supplied. Also considered:

  • take three meals day to you.
  • Keep up to you five hours of rest between meals.

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Slim in his sleep

Slim in his sleep Früchstück: To lose weight succeed in his sleep

are slim and neatly tuck - Dr. Papes insulin food combining can and you shall eat in the morning up to three rolls. Depending on your BMI, your body needs the morning either 75 or 125 grams Carbohydrates (KH). The exact amount you read in the basic book Slim in his sleep: the revolutinäre formula *Slim in his sleep breakfast: the basis for the removal of insulin food combining.

If Cereals, fruit, bread, rolls - on delicious products from the bakery and fruits you have not do without. Accesses her high-fiber foods, her remains fed longer and food cravings are avoided. These variations make the start of the day tasty:

  1. Cereal, oatmeal
    Whether Muesli cereal or chocolate &# 8211; both are allowed. With nuts and fresh fruit it tastes the same better and you have more vitamins in breakfast. The hookYe shall on by SiS rules Milk and yogurt dispense (animal protein is taboo). Gives way to soy products such as soy milk, take oat milk or rice milk, as well as juice, a smoothie or fruit are possible.
  2. bread and buns
    Enjoys honey, chocolate hazelnut spread or jam on each bread and roll places: toast and croissants are also allowed. Fans of Nutella bread can therefore breathe. Do you like your breakfast hearty, accesses vegetarian spread. You can find next to meat substitute spreads also varieties like paprika peppers or eggplant. In addition, many also tasted bread with margarine and cucumber, tomato, pepper and chives.

    shutterstock_386396512Slim in his sleep: Breakfast with smoothie instead of milk in cereal.

Tip: To make her morning creates the amount of 125 carbohydrates, you can eat less and instead a juice or smoothie drink instead of three rolls.

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Slim in his sleep Früchtück: That's taboo

  • cow's milk
  • Sausage and other meat products
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • fish

Slim in his sleep Breakfast: Recipes for the power to start the day

Who wants to be slim, must at breakfast in the Dr. Pape diet eat an amazing amount and not have to do without a sweet breakfast.

Ideas for breakfast for Slim in his sleep

  • Fruit muesli with soy milk or sweetened with honey water
  • Bun with honey, chocolate cream, to fresh fruit
  • Muesli with fresh fruit

Slim in his sleep Breakfast

Oat Spelled muesli

  • 3 EL oatmeal
  • 1 EL spelled grains
  • Fruit at will
  • Soy milk (or other replacement as described above)
  • 1/2 sachet of vanilla sugar

Mixing the cereal with soy milk, vanilla sugar and the honey and let the mixture best sources covered overnight. Give add the fresh fruit in the morning. These can be kiwis, grapes or other fruits.

Bircher muesli

  • 4 tablespoons of whole grain rolled oats
  • 1-2 apples
  •  2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 EL cream + 3 EL water (as a milk substitute)
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons nuts

Let's also swell the oatmeal overnight, in the morning rub the apples into it and sprinkled the mixture with lemon juice. Stirred your Slim in his sleep breakfast with sweetened water or rice milk and sprinkle chopped nuts over it.

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Slim in his sleep &# 8211; other meals

Decrease in sleep - that works, even if the other meals of insulin food combining follow. At the Slim in sleep-lunch everything is permitted, that is, you are allowed to take a mix of carbohydrates and proteins to you. Between meals you must not nibble and shall refrain from sweet drinks such as juices and sodas. Unsweetened tea, coffee and water are recommended. At the Slim in his sleep dinner you have to follow low-carb and forego pasta, rice, potatoes and bread.

Do you want to read from other Slim in sleep experience and you abgucken tips, you find them in various forums and websites. For example, there is a detailed report on or diet-test star.

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