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The first episode has all fallen. The comic culture guardians were happy because they found their beloved characters largely intact. Conversely, those who first entered the "Preacher" universe, was one of the wildest, most promising series start of the year smashed around the ears. In principle, so it can go on the same way. Assuming the show still finds its center. The second episode "Preacher" shows that too many cooks still could spoil the grandiose mash of comic book. 

The preacher is in good hands. The showrunner Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are very talented people who so far with a lot of dedication and the greatest respect in Garth Ennis&8217; and Steve Dillon theological comic romp late Western. but they are also very different. AMC's "Preacher", which was evident in the second series, a strange hybrid of the laconically told "Breaking Bad" (Catlins) and the absurd humor of "This Is the End" (Goldberg) seems to be. One almost gets the feeling that fighting here two competing approaches to be allowed to set the tone.

Doubts about God and a chainsaw massacre

In a moment we have to deal on a profound way with the meaning of existence and the doubts about God, the next fantastic a maniac with a chainsaw on the bloodied church floor. This has no doubt its value. At its best, this series is an eclectic blast and cultivated now their very own, grumpy niche.

Perhaps it is simply something half-baked and provides "Preacher" in the long run against unnecessary problems. Finally, just the balance between ironic tones and the serious side of life is a dance on the razor blade. Resulting in "Fargo" or even "Breaking Bad" managed, could be a much more difficult task to be accomplished in the continuous firing of the fantastic elements of "Preacher".


Wherever the journey goes &# 8211; boring it is not, anyway. Also Episode 2 was eventful, unpredictable and funny. Whether you tapped the Gore-leg at said chainsaws sequence or looked seized by the tears of the nurturing mother, "Preacher" had something for everyone in the program.

When wird's serious?

Also for the comic connoisseurs. With an overly long prologue which were namely commanded the first appearance in a central Vertigo comic figure. The mysterious cowboy since demand in the 19th century by a few settlers, whether he also believe in the American dream, this figure is we should be Catlins, Rogen and Goldberg continues to move closely along the template now regularly as a unstoppable force of nature meet. Here waits the bitter seriousness of the situation, the dark threat that would really slow do the series good now. So we hope that the yet unnamed cowboy next week is back again and makes the horses shy.

hope also is that "Preacher" has not completely written off the road movie character of the comics. Although AMC nothing can be guilty of the design of the Texas town of Annville - a little more movement would do us all very well. After all, "Preacher" is a classic Odyssey and Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) our Odysseus.




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