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Will you use an Android phone, it usually comes barely around it, set up a Google account. For this, you need not necessarily have a computer with Internet access, but can also create Google account directly on Android.

So you can create a Google Account on Android and PC and log

The connection of the smartphone with the Google account is required to use certain services on the Android device. Without registration you will remain such. As the entrance to the Google Play Store closed and you can not equip on the designated paths with apps, applications and games your phone and need to useful features such. B. abandon the Google mail client or can not transfer your calendar data.

Ideally, you have already created a Google account, such. B. directly in the browser and you can link it to the Android device.

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Create Google Account: How&# 8217; s on PC

On the PC, you can create as fast as a Google Account. The Google account you can access with a single username on your Google Contacts, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and other Google services. Is to set up the new Google Account as follows:

  • Gets the website Google Account on.
  • Follow the instructions, choosing this a username, decide for a new Gmail address or a bestejhende e-mail address.
  • Chooses a password and accept the Terms of Use for the Google account.

Even without the PC, you can set up a Google account on your Android phone or tablet.


create the Google account on Android devices and activate

To create the Google account on your Android device, proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the settings on the Android device.
  2. section &Accounts; # 8220&# 8221; can add her a new account on the Android device.
  3. Selects Google account and decide in the next window &# 8220; Create New&# 8221 ;.
  4. Now you have to do is enter the required data on the smartphone.
  5. In the final step, the Google Account is linked to the Android device.
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there is already a Google account, such. B. because it has been created on the computer as described above, you can also activate this later on Android. To activate the Google account via Android on that device, first open the settings of the Android device. There, you look for the "Accounts" section. Do you choose now "Add Account" option, you can in the next window "Google" as the account type selected. Now follow the instructions in the following windows to complete the application for the Google account on Android and complete.

google-account-android-AddDirectly into Android you can add a Google account or create

Do you already have a Google account, such. B. because you are signed in to Gmail or Google+, can you log you on "Existing Account" directly into the existing Google account and connect the Android device with it.

So you can have a Google account set up on Android

In the account settings you can now specify which data to be exchanged between the Google account and your Android device. These include,. As the settings and bookmarks in Google Chrome browser, e-mails from your Gmail mailbox, Google Photos, Google Play Books and more with Google associated applications and settings. Do you want to prevent the synchronization between Android device and Google service that simply removes the corresponding hook in the settings.

Google account-android synchronizeGive For each Google service, whether it should be synchronized with the account on Android

Just as you can you log on with a previously created Google account on your Android device, you can now access all settings made and entries from the Android device to access in the browser and you thus z. B. Google Chrome log onto your computer.

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Note: Original Article from August 14, 2013 &# 8211; updated on March 18, 2015.

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