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In Windows 10, it is possible that after a new installation of the operating system, the graphics card is no longer recognized. In this article we will show you how to solve the problem and what should you do if Windows 10 does not recognize the video card.

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Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized &# 8211; This is because&# 8217; s

Numerous users of Windows 10 currently reporting problems with the graphics card. After reinstalling the operating system, the graphics card is not recognized or it can not install a driver. In many cases, the graphics card is not displayed in the device manager, moreover, they can not even install it as a new device. Corresponding tests confirmed Windows 10 with the error message device driver could not find compatible graphics hardware.

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Graphics card problems in Windows 10 are sometimes to outdated video drivers in Windows 10 but there is also a problem with the PCI root port. We show you a solution for both cases. Also read and what you can do when Windows hangs 10th As you connect multiple monitors in Windows 10, you learn in this article: connect 2 screens and set - Here's how: Windows 10.

installing graphics card drivers in Windows 10

If you got problems with the display and the graphics card is not recognized in Windows 10, you should first upgrade and bring up to date your video card drivers. How to do you learn here: How can I update graphics card drivers. Especially users of Nvidia cards have reported since the release of Windows 10 again of problems with the new operating system. Invite you therefore definitely the latest drivers on the Nvidia homepage. Users of AMD graphics cards will find the appropriate drivers in AMD drivers and Download Center.

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solve PCI root port problem

In Windows, there can also be problems with the PCI Express root port on the motherboard. The graphics card is then not appear in Device Manager and it appears the following error message: Not enough resources are available for this device. (Code 12) If you want to use this device, you must disable another device with a connection to the computer. This problem can be pretty easy fix with a command in the command line. So you make the graphics card again in the device manager visible:

  • Open the command prompt by clicking the right mouse button on the Windows logo at the bottom left.
  • Click then click Command Prompt (Administrator).
  • now give the following command into the window: &# 8220; bcdedit / set PCIexpress forcedisable&# 8221; (Without quotes).

Then you start the computer again &# 8211; the graphics card is detected again in the device manager of Windows at boot and you may be able to use as usual. In the next section we show you some other possible solutions to problems with the video card in Windows 10th

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Graphics card is not recognized in Windows 10 &# 8211; Other solutions

Actually, the above two solutions should help with most graphics cards issues in Windows 10th If the graphics card is still not recognized, you can also try the following once again:

  • Disables the onboard card in the system BIOS (if it is turned on) &# 8211; maybe there are compatibility issues.
  • Here you read how it calls the BIOS in Windows 10: Windows 10: Start bios and change settings - how it works.
  • Expanding the graphics card and checks whether it is properly connected or the connections may be damaged.
  • Windows drive completely shut 10 (not the hybrid mode) &# 8211; the next start all system information will be read again.
  • How to do this, you read here: Shut down Windows 10: Find it faster.
  • Open the Device Manager and eventually makes hidden devices visible (in the Device Manager: View → Show Hidden Devices).

More advice about graphics cards can be found incidentally in this article: Finding the right graphics card and fit - how it works. If you do not exactly know which graphics card you have, you can help the following guideline: What graphics card did I? Two ways to answer. We also show you how you can change 10 in Windows the resolution and adjust.

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