The 8 coolest Fidget Spinner tricks for beginners and professionals

Fidget spinners are currently in demand extreme and everyone is talking about. Did you already bought one of the original rotary devices and already experimented a bit with it, it is time for the first Fidget Spinner tricks. We show you in our Special 8 cool moves for beginners, advanced spinners and true professionals.

31881What is a Fidget Spinner?

Before you try you of the following tricks, you should first try a few days to get a feel for your Fidget spinner. Keep the spinner between your thumb and middle finger. Then use the pointer finger to turn the spinner with momentum. The aim of all this is it, to turn the Fidget Spinner as long as possible &# 8211; you can place the middle finger of course, but also take a different finger. If that works well and can you safely turn the spinner, it starts with the right tricks.

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All eight tricks that we describe here can be found in the YouTube video of Diana Concoles again just demonstrated:

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Fidget Spinner tricks for beginners

On a finger Balancing

The easiest Fidget Spinner Move: Rotates the Fidget spinner as described above in the introduction. The thumb is on top, the middle finger under the ball bearing. While the Fidget spinner rotates, let her now slowly going thumbs &# 8211; the Fidget spinner sits perfectly balanced on the middle finger.

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Now it is a bit tricky: Spins the spinner in one hand while you hold it between thumb and forefinger. Throw the Spinner then into the air and catch it between thumb and forefinger of the other hand. The Fidget spinner must continue to rotate during its course.

Backward somersault 

Keep the spinner to one of the wings &# 8211; best does the trick with a three-blade spinner. Flicks the spinner now with a slight backward movement of your wrist in the air and brings it thereby to rotate. After that, you grab the spinner with the thumb and index finger of the same hand.

Switch sides

In this Fidget Spinner trick her changes sides and rotate the spinner once on its axis. Bring the gadget to as usual to rotate and then throw him into the air while you rotate the wrist once around 180 degrees. This also the spinner, which you then auffangt again with the same hand rotates.

Especially cool to see the tricks with this failed Fidget spinner in gear shape of:

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Have mastered her these tricks, you can try the moves for advanced spinners you. Another little tip: Do not be discouraged if it does not work right the first time with a specific trick. The people with whom that looks so easy on YouTube have practiced until it looks so easy.

Also cool: balancing the Fidget-spinners on the nose


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Fidget Spinner tricks for advanced users

Finger cascade

Performs "balancing on a finger," the first trick, but this time starts with the index finger. Throw the spinner in the air and catch it on the middle finger. Sets all on until you have arrived at the little finger.

Wrist spin

Performs "balancing on a finger," the first trick. then flicking the spinner into the air and catch him with the back of his hand again. The spinner has to land ideally on the ankle joint of your index finger and continue turning.

These two tricks are pretty challenging &# 8211; when you get out you have it, you can but the difficulty even further. In the next paragraph you will find some professional moves.

Another very cool tricks you will find in this compilation of the best hand-spinner moves. Note: By this you should try you until you've mastered all the tricks in this guide!

Spinner moves for real professionals

Double wrist-spin

This is the extension of the wrist-spin. You are doing the trick after the other, not once but twice. This is quite difficult because the spinners naturally loses speed. You must therefore try to miss the spinner as much momentum as possible.

Finger cascade of death

This Fidget Spinner trick you anxious certainly open mouths: You start off with the finger-cascade and executes them until you have arrived at the little finger. Now her flicks the spinner back into the air, catch it on with your index finger and starts the cascade from the front. If you should not be difficult enough, you can cascade in reverse order (ie the index finger back) continue and meanwhile increase the speed.

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Do you have your Fidget Spinner already mastered or catch her just to occupy you closer to the rotary device? you know some other cool tricks, we should definitely include in the article? Write us in the comments!

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