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With the webapp DropSend you have the ability to send large files as e-mail attachments.

If you have an account with an e-mail provider, you have the problem, if necessary, that one when sending mail attachments limits the size of these are set with respect. Very large files so you can not send e-mail attachments. For this purpose, so you have to resort to otherwise alternatives. One way to send large files via e-mail, the webapp DropSend. you can very quickly and easily send large files via e-mail through this service. The attached file can have a size of up to 2 GB.

To send large files as e-mail attachment with DropSend, simply enter the address of the sender and recipient are entered into the local form on the side of the webapp. There is also the option of sending the file to multiple e-mail addresses, for which they must be entered then separated in the box with commas. Then you choose a browser from the file from his computer that you want to send. Then you can the appendix ?? SendFile ?? send out. Before that, however, still must register with DropSend for a free account.

With the free version of DropSend can get up to five files per month to send as e-mail attachments. In addition, you can use 250 MB of free storage space on the servers of DropSend. as well as various fee-based accounts are also available. With these you can then send more files, are also more online storage.

Conclusion: DropSend is a handy webapp for sending large files as e-mail attachments. It is also advantageous that the service is online based and you therefore need to install a program on your computer. In addition, the operation is very easy on the hand.

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