Spotify: Family Subscription with six accounts only 14.99 euros a month

With Spotify Premium Family unlocks the competition and introducing a new payment model for families. For up to six users fall so monthly to only 14.99 euros - this can save up to 20 euros large families.

Spotify: Family Subscription with six accounts only 14.99 euros a month

In the past, Spotify has been much reviled because of the comparatively unfair Family tariff. For while it has always been common practice in the competition to charge only 15 euros a month for a shared account, fell in the Swedish streaming service to up to 34.99 euros. In addition to the 9.99 euros a month for the source account Spotify demanded additional 5 euros for each additional family member. With a maximum of six authorized users of the service cost, therefore monthly whopping 34.99 euros. The competition around Google Play Music and Apple Music, however, has always demanded only 14.99 euros for families.

This concept allows Spotify now also connects to. For the Premium Family fare, the service requires henceforth 14,99 Euro a month and continues to allow up to six users. In addition, existing accounts can be migrated to a family account, making playlists and music library are preserved. Basically, it is consequently six individual accounts that only divide the price and thus save money. According to reports, access to the contents of other family members is not possible - that makes the offer also for groups of friends or work colleagues interesting. Switching to Premium Family is now open on the Spotify website.

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