So Tesla wants to challenge the power companies

Now also in Germany: The solar modules from Tesla look like conventional roof tiles and should score with a cheap price and extreme durability. All info here:

So Tesla wants to challenge the power companiesSource: TeslaUpdated on 03.08.2017, 11:10:
Tesla has given the US prices for the solar roof on its website known. As already suggested, does a Square Foot 21.85 US dollars, which are the equivalent of around 216 euros per square meter. Elon Musk keeps his promise: In the US, the roof is now 20 percent cheaper than a conventional - the power savings is not even considered.

The first houses are already equipped with the new bricks. As with the electric car model 3, Tesla's own employees are the first customers. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has the solar tiles on its roof. The company also announces that there is a lifetime warranty on the product. On the page it says: "The guarantee is set infinite or to the lifetime of their house, whatever comes first."

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Vehicle, solar roofs and energy storage - all that Tesla plans to offer one-stop: The Californian company is far more than electrically powered sports car - the founder Elon Musk apparently intends nothing less than to implement an energy revolution in a big way. So there is Tesla also energy storage ( "Power Wall") and energy producers in the form of solar roof tiles. These were already announced last year, now more concrete information has been released to it.

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Tesla Solar Roof "invisible solar cells"

The new website to Tesla's "Solar Roof" (solar roof) is online and shows four variants: structured, smooth, Tuscan and roofing slate. Common to all is that they look like traditional roof tiles - a difference may not be noticeable to an observer on the street outside the house.

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In addition extremely robust: The manufacturer promises that the solar modules' triple that of standard roof tiles "are. A corresponding video shows slow motion shots of 5-cm hailstones, shot with 160 kilometers per hour in a variety of bricks. Normal roof tiles burst into pieces that Tesla shingle withstands the attack effortlessly. The same goes for a test with a weight at which Tesla tempered glass performs best:144646Tesla Solar Roof tile to the testTesla is a "unlimited guarantee tiles" as well as power generation and weather resistance guarantees of 30 years. Hail resistance corresponds to Class 4 FM 4473 (highest hail resistance). However, the fine print is observed: "All warranties and classifications apply only to the United States. Similar guarantees and reviews are being developed for other markets. "

The new solar tiles can be pre-ordered worldwide, including Germany and Austria immediately. Here, a deposit of 930 euros is due. About concrete prices - about a single solar tile - the manufacturer nor silent. In a blog post called Tesla average cost of 21.85 US dollars per square foot (around 216 euros per square meter). The example assumes a roof of which consists of 35 percent of solar tiles, the balance consisting of conventional bricks. That was sufficient to be able to operate a solar roof effectively.

In the US, delivery and installation will start in June 2017, foreign markets are to follow in 2018 "as part of the expansion of production."

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