Monument Valley 2: Complete solution for all levels in the video

Monument Valley 2: Complete solution for all levels in the video

Christopher Bahneron 07/06/2017 at 17:38

In Monument Valley 2 you are allowed to re-solve creative puzzles and create new paths through the optical gimmicks that lead you to level output. Should you stay in one of 14 levels of mobile games hang once and partout not come up with the solution that helps you our complete solution on. In our walkthrough with videos, we guide you through all the chapters.

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Unlike its predecessor, Monument Valley you control in the second part of two characters. Your accompanied Ro with her daughter and explores the secrets of the eponymous valley. The mystery at the beginning are still light, but are getting harder with every other of the 14 level. Our complete solution with videos to help you, you should once not know.

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Solutions of all levels in the video

confronted each of the 14 chapters you with new puzzles elements. Here you always have to interact with the level architecture to expose new ways for Ro and her child. Observes the following Tips:

  • Unlike its predecessor, the puzzles diversity was once again increased. So there are some new mechanics with which you should experiment a bit. In this way you come mostly self on the solution.
  • Mostly her Ro controls through levels while her daughter follows her at every turn. But it happens also that the two are separated. In such a case, you control only Ro and her child copied their movements on their path. here respects always ensure that both have enough space for movements.
  • In Chapter 12 you have to let you suck in the tree in one place, this is not a bug or error in the game.
  • At the end of most levels you have to draw a shape. Here, you can not go wrong, because it is made a unique form each time.

So you can quickly jump to the solutions of individual level, simply use the following navigation. Click on a chapter to jump to a new page with a video solution.

  • Level 1 (Section I): Introduction
  • Level 2 (Chapter II): The Vestibule
  • Level 3 (Chapter III): The Oasis
  • Level 4 (Chapter IV): The Viaduct
  • Level 5 (Chapter V): The Archipelago
  • Level 6 (Chapter VI): The Docks
  • Level 7 (Chapter VII): The Towers
  • Level 8 (Chapter VIII): Aphelion
  • Level 9 (Chapter IX): Mén-An-Tol
  • Level 10 (Section X): The Botanical Gardens
  • Level 11 (Chapter XI): The Lyceum
  • Level 12 (Chapter XII): The Orchard
  • Level 13 (Chapter XIII): The Sunken City
  • Level 14 (Chapter XIV): Mirador
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