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at &Remanum; # 8220&# 8221; It's not about building a huge empire to lead vast armies into battle or occupy foreign kingdoms. Instead, you play a thousands merchants who pass through 20 available in the host cities to get Empire Tung fame to acquire.

Your promotion to higher positions are virtually no limits &# 8211; at the end you can even end as Emperor of the Roman Empire. So you can achieve this goal, you need to be the most prosperous merchants in the country. For this, you need to move your business at some point outwards and build external production. However, if you want to actually become emperor, you need of course the many citizens on your site have. For this, you use your wealth to make people happy and begrudge them different luxury goods.

However, until you got there, it takes a long, long time. First, your goals are much more modest and you have to take care of your own good. For that you buy a private property and mend it with time due to extensions and new furniture continues on. While you only act at the beginning of goods, you put them eventually even here and sell it to other traders on, hiding you ever Raising your income.

&Remanum; # 8220&# 8221; it simulates the very realistic world trade. At any time supply and demand is compared, prices of different goods therefore constantly changing. Therefore, it is not enough simply to operate a local business. You have to think globally. So you need to always supply and demand of the various sites at a glance and accordingly have to buy and sell your wares at the right place.



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