Calibrating on Windows 7 – Quick and easy with standard tools

Your monitor choked on some corners of details of images, so the quality can not be guaranteed longer properly? Then it is time again time to calibrate the monitor. Does your Windows 7, this process is a breeze with available materials can do. We show you how this works.

Calibrating on Windows 7 - Quick and easy with standard tools

UPDATE: Calibrate Screen (without and with colorimeter)

If brightness, gamma, contrast and colors are not properly calibrated, the processing of images is sometimes not effective possible. So you are very careful to keep the values ​​referred to as close to reality as they are, should you should always make sure that your monitor is set correctly. We tell you in a few steps, how you do it.

To calibrate your monitor their administrative rights required.

  1. DCCW-start-about-search fieldOpens start and give a into the search field "DCCW"
  2. Opens the application of the same name
  3. In the Screen color calibration can you make some adjustments with predefined examples succession now
  4. First comes the Gamma value adjustment
  5. Mark you the expression in the middle, indicating the optimum gamma value
  6. Balances the slider up or down until the sample is taken
  7. It follows the Brightness and contrast adjustment, that you can skip it if you possess example, no regulator for the monitor
  8. Last must shades of Grey be adjusted
  9. Changed for the positions of the sliders for red, green and blue until the gray bars do not have a color cast more
  10. includes over Complete the calibration from
  11. It is the ClearType Tuner started, which should be activated always to ensure the legibility of text
  12. Determined in the following windows to the text that is displayed sharply

screen-color calibration

Finish your monitor is now calibrated. Whether that is objectively correct, but depends on your eye. Therefore, it is advisable to always insert again see someone else on the monitor.

Start Photogallery(3 pictures)Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

Calibrating the monitor does not help

In the event that your monitor after calibration still performs spontaneous color change that can not be changed by a recalibration, which is probably due to a defective video cable or an error on the video card or the monitor itself.


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