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Surfs safely and let WEB.DE Mailcheck checking your e-mail account. Safe and comfortable.

WEB.DE Free Mail is one of the most frequently used e-mail services in Germany and offers free e-mail addresses under the domain web.de. Use of the WEB.DE free mail is fast, intuitive and secure. And thanks to the new WEB.DE Mailcheck Downloads even incredibly comfortable. Furthermore, you will get by download and use of the WEB.DE Mailcheck 10 GB of storage for your emails and 2 GB for your data for free.

Had to users of the WEB.DE Freemail-Service formerly always be logged into the website and update the status to see that e-mails had been received in the Inbox, WEB.DE Mail Check now offers an automatic notification of new mail without that you must have the page open.

WEB.DE Mailcheck has a password protection with the highest safety standards and thus preserves its users against phishing attacks or data theft. Here, the phishing filter will remain as long as you are logged in, up to date and thus offers guaranteed protection against fraudulent websites.

Web.de-mail check
WEB.DE Mailcheck combines all the features of WEB.DE in a comfortable Toolbar.

WEB.DE Mailcheck &# 8211; Quickly and easily check your emails

Your surfing the Internet and want all the while held through your inbox WEB.DE up to date, so you inform the envelope icon on request with sound system and desktop notification of new mail. In the narrow multifunction Toolbar so you can no longer be overlooked when a message arrives. Click on the letter you come so quickly in your inbox without wasting long time logging in and out in your WEB.DE e-mail account.

Another extremely useful feature is fetching multiple e-mail accounts at once. So you no longer lose guaranteed track of your various mailboxes. Follow this link you will find in addition to the free download of WEB.DE Mail check for Internet Explorer.

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