Sony Smart band SWR10 in review: Versatile Activity Tracker with development potential

While Smart Watches are still waiting for the big breakthrough, other wearable devices were able to create a niche market already: the fitness tracker. After Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone would now try with Sony the first major smart phone manufacturers in such a device and presented in January, the band Smart SWR10. This promises to take down the entire course of the day of its wearer next exercise - Whether this will be seen in our test.

Sony Smart band SWR10 in review: Versatile Activity Tracker with development potential

Even though Activity- or fitness trackers have been relatively well established, is in its infancy, a fundamental question: What is to be actually recorded? Sony answered this question at the announcement of the Smart band SWR10 full-bodied with a short "Everything!" In addition to taking notes of various forms of exercise such as walking, running, cycling and driving the analysis of app usage and in sleep is touted in the official trailer, apps can be even remotely control the Smart band:

Amir had been to create the opportunity the smart band in January. Here he describes his impressions in the hands-on video:

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Sony Smart Band: the hardware

We focus first on the hardware. The Sony Smart band SWR10 consists of two parts: the core, "Core", and an elastic band, with which it is worn. Buyer to obtain two different lengths of rubber bands of 250, respectively 214 millimeters in length, which can be multi-level adapted to the exact extent of the wrist and also can be closed with a chic Sony button. A short micro USB cable is used for charging.

sony-smart band swr10-core

Much more interesting however, is the core, which contains all the technology of the Smart Band: pedometer, Bewegunssensor and vibration motor, the battery, which promises a period of 5 days and ARM Cortex-M0 processor - GPS is not available. communicating with the smartphone exclusively via NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, the micro-USB port on the front page is only for charging the core. 3 status LEDs are mounted on a longitudinal side, next to a button, which is the only physical control.

sony-smart band-combined swr10

Thanks to the precise fit of the smart band that almost wraps around the core and its USB interface, the smart band is certified to IP58 - ie protected against dust and up to 30 minutes in water depths of 1.5 meters usable. This is an elementary function of SWR10, but it should accompany the carrier in any situation and record his movements. In the test, this worked perfectly well: in addition to the daily shower the wearable mastered the active swimming and the dip in the cooling Stretch without grumbling.

Another wichiger factor that the daily - and nightly - Wearing the smart bands pleasantly decorated, is its light weight: The Core in itself brings low 6 grams on the scales, complete it weighs about 21 grams, depending on the selected rubber band.

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The Sony Smart Bands Software

Also the highest wearing comfort is useless if the functionality is not given. So what Sony's jack of all trades can actually? First, the SWR10 serves as a fitness tracker: Per NFC and Bluetooth quickly coupled with the smart phone is to install three apps needed: Sony's Smart Connect, which manages the connections with all kinds of accessories, the appropriate plugin for the smart band and Lifelog that eventually is used to evaluate the data.

This solution is somewhat cumbersome, but is clearly communicated by Sony. Alternative ways to query the data do not exist, however: neither web app even desktop applications are available. And so the user has to rely on a smartphone or tablet with Android 4.4. Unlike Samsung's Wearables Smart band works with all devices that meet this requirement - iOS, however, is left out.

All activities that records the smart band, at a glance.

The data includes the estimated calorie consumption - calculated at the beginning queried weight and height -, Done steps that time we went and ran that time you slept, how long you have used social apps, how many photos you shot, how long you stayed in music and movie apps, how long you played on the smartphone, read and surfed. Comparing this complete list of the aforementioned promised features will immediately notice that something is missing: Neither cycling nor driving are covered by Lifelog. In addition, sports like swimming missing, for the smart band thanks to its water resistance downright offering.

And here already lies the main weakness of the Smart Band: For fitness bracelet too few activities are supported, Jawbone and Fitbit are more versatile in this regard. In addition, some smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Nexus 5 offer built-in pedometer, which the purchase of external hardware - eliminating the need - at least for everyday use.

sony-Lifelog-go sony-Lifelog-sleeping

For the available activities however, daily goals can be set and retrieve detailed statistics that represent the progress throughout the day, week, month or even the year round as a bar chart. Achievments and milestones as competing products they offer, however, one looks in vain. When tracking the smart band of two modes operated: Active activities are recorded only in day mode, while the movement is co-written in his sleep only at night mode. The change takes place either automatically at scheduled times or manually via a long press on the button.

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While the lower half of the Lifelog app is filled by the above statistics and a map with location history, the upper half shows the course of the day as pretty animation. In this time of day and the weather are displayed next to the activities. Particularly important moments can be bookmarked - from within the app or by double-clicking on the button of the smart bands. To use Lifelog sign up with a Google or Sony account, incidentally necessary over which the data is synchronized. Changes to the smartphone, collected statistics are thus retained.

sony-Lifelog-map-activities sony-Lifelog-map-sleep

Of course, the smart band will track the movement even without connection to the smartphone. Then, the data are stored in the internal memory and transfer while reconnecting. At a location history but then you have to do without for lack of GPS.

In addition to the tracking the SWR10 via the Smart Connect app can also be used as a remote control for the smartphone and further initiated notifications from selbigem by vibration to the user. To this end, Sony uses a model the Notification API of Android 4.4 KitKat, so notifications and incoming calls arrive on the bracelet immediately. Here, the user can decide which app to contact - a handy feature when working focused and will only be available in an emergency.

various apps through gestures knock on the smart band also can be controlled, provided you installed a corresponding expansion. This works best in conjunction with a Sony smartphone, such as the Xperia Z2, in the test but it was very well possible with the Nexus 5 (test). For example, the camera with a Tapp can trigger or control media playback on the belt from a distance. This also works when the phone is connected as the audio system of the car or the Chromecast, resulting in some interesting applications.

sony-smart band swr10-smart-connect sony-smart band-swr10 notifications

Other functions include the above-mentioned automatic switching to night mode, which lends itself to users with regular sleep rhythm and prevents the forwarding of notifications. In addition, the gentle awakening, in which you define a time interval in which you want to be awakened. Based on the movements in sleep, the smart band then determines a phase light sleep within this interval and begins to vibrate. So the start is to be made as comfortable as possible in the day.

Not least, the smart band can warn its users by vibration when it is too far from their smartphones - are left in the bar equipment should be a thing of the past.

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Although the smart band SWR10 remains as to its capabilities behind what Sony has promised at the launch, it does its duties reliably. The test showed that the measured values ​​were found to be accurate enough, but tends to tilt the wearable for understatement. In other words: Is it 10,000 steps are perhaps only 9,000 registered. However, Sony is actively working on updates and there is the hope that improve not only the values ​​but also promised features will be restocked. In addition, an API for third-party apps would be commendable.

To comfort the smart band the other hand leaves little to be desired. It is lightweight, durable and has a comfortable long battery life, so it is perceived in everyday life at some point any more. Even the rubber band showed no signs of wear in the test, tends by its surface structure, however, to attract dust and dirt.

Ultimately, the Sony Smart volume offers SWR10 features that are also included in many a smartphone - but in a compact form factor. Whether one is now ready to spend money depends on the application and budget: athletes, for example, can leave their smartphones at home and compare the data after training with the Smart Band - but still offering GPS tracking. Who does not go running regularly benefits in everyday life, however only limited by the smart band, especially as can simple steps include with newer smartphones. Whether the additional data and the advanced notification and remote control features are worth the money, everyone must decide for themselves. After all, the wearable but cheaper than the competition, with approximately 70 euros.

In the future, Sony has announced the way interchangeable straps in different colors as well as other, more inconspicuous carrying options such as pendants or brooches. As determined by their development, however, is in the stars.

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Sony Smart band SWR10

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