Ryanair hand luggage: New rules from the end of 2017

Ryanair allows you to take hand luggage into the machine, but they suffer from certain provisions which have to watch her. Previously it was possible to take up to two pieces of luggage in the cabin - from the end of 2017 but wants Ryanair exacerbate the guidelines. Here you learn what does that mean for you.

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The airline Ryanair offers cheap flights to many destinations at home and abroad, however, the provider is also known for various additional fees. With the priority boarding we may as earlier in the machine if you are willing to pay for it separately. So far, this option was pure luxury for many customers - that could change in the future. Who wants to take hand luggage from a certain size on the plane, is no longer around to priority boarding eventually.

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Ryanair hand luggage 2017: New rules for size and price dimensions

So far, the hand luggage with Ryanair ran out as follows: Each passenger was allowed to take a maximum of two pieces of luggage into the cabin. The small piece of luggage for personal items (wallet, passport, phone, etc.) and the big piece of hand luggage with a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cmFor customers, this was very convenient as you could take no extra cost another piece of luggage in addition to the case.

As of November 1, 2017, however, new rules applyPassengers then may no longer take into the cabin, the large piece of hand luggage. This does not apply only passenger, the previously booked the priority boarding option.

In concrete terms, this means the following for you, if you want to take with Ryanair hand luggage:

  • In a normal booking you are allowed only small piece of hand luggage with dimensions 35 x 20 x 20 cm take on board.
  • The large hand luggage give her at the gate from, not at check-in - this piece of luggage then flies in the cargo hold of the machine.
  • If you want the large hand luggage in the cabin, you have to be booked on the flight, the priority boarding option.
  • Therefore, you shall then, as before, either the small piece of hand luggage and the large carry-on luggage to take.
  • The priority boarding costs for Ryanair currently 7 euros in addition to the actual fare.

The new hand luggage rules from the end of 2017 have one major drawback for passengers: So far you could sensitive items that do not fit in the handbag, comfortably large cabin baggage transport. That's no longer in the future. Laptop or delicate items, such as large holiday souvenirs, you can no longer be transported in the cabin. Since the bags are exposed during transport in the cargo hold larger loads, there is a danger that they survive the flight not unscathed.

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With the new rule, Ryanair would obviously like to move the passengers to the preferred priority boarding option to avail. Who wants to carry larger hand luggage on the plane, will probably not do in the future for it. Considered the possibility following rules to perform baggage that have not changed and continue to apply:

  • The large piece of hand luggage must not exceed Ryanair 55 x 40 x 20 cm be great, besides, it must no more than 10 Kg to weigh.
  • Weigh the large hand luggage more than 10 Kg you have for each kilogram above the permissible limit a Fee of 10 euros numbers.
  • For the small bag the following maximum dimensions apply: 35 x 20 x 20 cm.
  • If the small hand luggage should be greater and you will caught in controlling it, you have to give up the bag - thereby incur an additional Fee of 50 euros at.
  • Normally, the small piece of hand luggage but is included in the fare and not incur additional costs.
  • An upper limit of the weight there is not for the small piece of hand luggage.

Here again is all about moderation and allowable weight in the clear table:

Large carry-on luggageSmall hand luggage
a maximum of 55 x 40 x 20 cm35 x 20 x 20 cm
a maximum of 10 Kg weightno weight limit

If in doubt you can also contact you at the Ryanair hotline which will help you with any questions.

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Ryanair: Rules for liquids and transport

In addition to the above limitations, there are a few other rules that have to be aware, when you fly with Ryanair. These include the carrying of liquids into the machine and the transport of dangerous objects.

  • Like other airlines, you must comply with the EU requirements even with Ryanair, after carrying liquids is limited allowed on the plane.
  • The container with the liquid may thereby have a maximum capacity of 100 ml.
  • Further, the container in a transparent plastic bag has to be packed, which may be a maximum have a capacity of 1 liter.
  • only one bag may be taken per passenger &# 8211; but you can pack as many containers as will fit in the bag.

The above rules were introduced in 2006 after terrorists tried to destroy multiple aircraft with liquid explosives selbsthergestelltem at London's Heathrow Airport. The attempt was foiled, fortunately, but then, the EU adopted this measure to protect passengers. In addition, the carrying of dangerous objects is prohibited. These include explosive materials, ammunition or fireworks &# 8211; The requirements for this are also from the EU. Under the following link you can find all prohibited articles.

Ryanair hand luggage Product ImageThe large piece of hand luggage is allowed to take only priority boarding to the cabin. Picture: Andrey Burmakin

May I take a razor in your hand luggage with Ryanair?

Ryanair is not a problem in most cases to take electrical appliances in your hand luggage. Among other things, for example, allowed to carry a hair dryer, an iron or a laptop in hand luggage. In razors, the situation is not quite so simple &# 8211; some devices are allowed, other prohibited. This shaver can take their problems:

  • shavers
  • Wet razors with blades behind bars
  • Disposable razors
  • Razor blades without

Strictly prohibited, however, are the following shavers:

  • Classical razors

Razor blades can theoretically be used as weapons &# 8211; therefore, they are in accordance with EU Directive strictly prohibited.

Other cosmetics, which you can carry in your hand luggage without any problems, are:

  • nail clippers
  • epilator
  • hairbrush
Ryanair control strictlyImage: S_Photo

Ryanair is particularly strict in screening of cabin baggage?

In the past, numerous stories circulated, according to which Ryanair search for my violations of the cabin baggage regulations, to then have extra fees among travelers. Another issue discussed was the high additional costs if the hand luggage only a few centimeters bigger or a little harder than was allowed. By way of example only the two following stories are mentioned here:

  • Ryanair was sitting young Carinthian
  • Ryanair hand luggage will cost 120 euros in addition brothers

British newspapers had time even reported that Ryanair pay a bonus fee to employees when they discovered too much hand luggage. Meanwhile, however, the thing of the past: Ryanair launched in 2013 a campaign to improve the image and customer service &# 8211; So if it ever has the specific and particularly rigorous inspections of hand luggage with Ryanair systematically and, in a big way, the 2017 is not a big issue anymore. Ryanair herein does not differ much from other airlines such as Lufthansa and Air Berlin.

AirplaneImage: muratart

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