GTA Online: New DLC gives you the race of which you’ve always dreamed of

Surprise, surprise, it's that time again: GTA Online gets a new update! This time you can you u. a. looking forward to a race very special and PUBG- and Batman fans will get their money.

Do you remember? Some time ago we posted on Facebook a video in which a YouTuber drives a race that allows you to change during which between different vehicle models. Apparently, the activity was at that time only for testing purposes introduced to the game, because in the video description states that it had been deleted from Rockstar.

Here you may look at the video for the upcoming transform race:

2419GTA Online: Transform Races (YouTube)

Now, the race returns under the name "Transform Races" (in German: transformation races) back: "(The race), see new and unique stunt tracks with seamless transitions between land, water and air instead," it says on the Rockstar website. "The whole range of available vehicle types is run - from Supersport and off-road vehicles to boats, airplanes and helicopters -. And as a bonus you also expect a few parachute jumps"

These hot rod you'll shine guaranteed at the next race:

Start Photogallery(29 images)GTA 5 cars: This super sports car must be in every garage

This month should the "Transform Races" to be launched - but that's not all, because there are also two new opponents modes planned:

  • Condemned: "A competition along the lines of" every man for himself "in which a player is doomed at the outset to death and can survive only by condemning another player to death."
  • Dogfight: Caution, not a dog fight, but "in which live out their fantasies your as a fighter pilot and can send in a dive to their doom your opponents a mode."

One or the other, it may well be noticed that "Condemned" is strongly reminiscent of PUBG. Already in late August, we reported that GTA Online with the new "Smuggler&# 8217; s Run "update is more and more like the Steam Hit. Is this still GTA?

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Also, you can stand next to a new combat helicopter on two more vehicles rejoice: Coil and Cyclone Vigilante - ie the GTA version of the Batmobile. All other information you can read on the official Rockstar page.

Quite a few new features, right? Do you think it's good that GTA Online is to experiment or should the makers turn down a gear?


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